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Gianissada Island
Category: Island
Prefecture: Lassithi
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Gianissada Island

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Dragonada island
Dragonada island 2497 hits
Dragonada  also called Dragonara, is an island within the small Dionysades group of islands off Sitia on the northeast coast of Crete. The group also includes Gianysada, Paximada, and Paximadaki. Administratively this group comes within the Sitia municipality in Lasithi.
This island is part of an environmentally protected area with many rare plants and animals including the falcon, Falco eleonorae, which finds sanctuary here.
The Dionysades were once a place of worship of the ancient Greek God Dionysus. Archaeologists have found artefacts on this island group, from the ancient and early Christian eras, indicating that the islands may have been inhabited in the past.
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Dionisades Islands 2446 hits

Α group of four (4) small islands at the north of the Sitia Bay, at a distance of 9 miles from Sitia. Two of them, Giannisada and Dragonara, are the biggest ones with mostly cedar-trees from Lebanon and the other two, Paximada and Paximadaki, are just small rocky islands. According to Mythology, the island was created by god Dionysus who was worshipped there and the islands were named after him. In antiquity, the islands belonged to the people of Itanos. On Dragonara, the island with the most vegetation, there are obvious traces of habitation and tombstones of the first Christian time have been found. On the eastern part of the same island, there is a cave and on the western part there are natural rocky "pillars" rising out of the sea water.There is also the small church of Agios Antonios, a small house and a small port. These islands belong to the Municipality of Sitia and according to recent research the construction of infrastructure work for the protection and the balanced tourist development of the islands is being planned. 25 years ago pasturing was forbidden; therefore the vegetation grew and the rabbits that always lived there multiplied. Dionisades Islands in Sitia, East Crete Dionisades Islands in Sitia, East Crete