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Tsouli Mnima
Category: Statue
Prefecture: Lassithi
Address: Lassithi Plateu
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Tsouli Mnima

Μνήμα Γενίτσαρου Τσούλη.

Κάθε χριστιανός που περνάει από το σημείο ρίχνει μια πέτρα ως ανάθεμα. 

Places near Tsouli Mnima

Agia Fotene Cave
Agia Fotene Cave 2449 hits
Agia Fotini cave: It is found next to Agia Paraskevi cave and you can visit the cave after a 20 minutes drive by car over a dirt road from Avdou village (Lassithi Prefecture).

The cave is used today as a church. Inside the cave two stalagmites, called gonata tis Agias Fotinis (knees of Agia Fotini) are used as candle holders. One small booth is used as a sanctuary.

Archaeologists found artifacts dating back to the Neolithic period, in Minoan Crete when they were probably used as worship grounds. Avdou probably took its name from the prophet Havdeu whose church existed in nearby Kontaria.Avdou village lies in the Cretan inland, right at the foot of the Lassithi plateau mountain range. Avdou village lies in the middle of the "Lagada" valley, 33 km from the city of Heraklion, with about 600 inhabitants. The earliest recorded reference to "Avdou" is in 1381, in a Venetian state document stating the area as a benefice belonging to Michel Quirino. Excavations in the area unearthed a building with mosaics, probably part of an extensive complex of an early-Christian basilica. The village is dotted with frescoed Byzantine churches.