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Κατηγορία: Νησί
Νομός: Λασιθίου
Διεύθυνση: Crete

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Άγιος Ανδρέας Φινοκαλιά
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Άγιος Ανδρέας Φινοκαλιά

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The pebbly beach of Vlychadia or Vlihadia is situated at a distance of some 31 kilometers far from Agios Nikolaos city at the North, 20 kilometers northern to Elounda and 2-3 kilometers northern to the small village of Skinias and Agios Georgios, from where starts the dirt track leading to the beach. Open to the North, it is affected by the “meltemia” (northern summer winds), but also by any northern wind. The beach is not organised at all; no accommodation facilities or other facilities (food and drink, sea sports etc) are available. The only advantage of the beach is that, being that remote, it is not very popular, and, thus it is usually quiet. Vlichadia, is quite rough and rocky. Especially when it is wavy, swimming could be dangerous.

Access from Agios Nikolaos is possible by rented or private car and motorbikes. There are 2-3 kilometers of dirt track, from the village Skinias to the beach. We will say it is not worth driving up to here only for the beaches. However, you could combine a visit to the beautiful Mirabello with its picturesque villages, the old monasteries and the rare natural beauties with swimming in Vlichadia.
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Sarantaris is the name of the eastern coastal area right after the natural port and the main beach of Hersonissos, to the north. The area is characterized by a series of small lovely coves, named "Limanakia" (which means the small ports).

It is a peacefull location among oil tree fields, consisting mainly of private houses and holiday resorts, while a few restaurants, car rentals, mini markets, a bar and a  fish tavern can be found on the beach road to Anissaras.

Sarantaris in Hersonissos is one of the few famous summer resort zones of northern Crete, due to its calm, crystal clear and turqouise waters. The beaches facing east are wind protected throughout the season, as the wind in Crete blows mainly from northwest directions.

Sirius Apartments stand exactly 80 meters before the beach, as you reach Sarantaris Area from the city centre, with plenty of supermarkets and car rentals on the way (Dimokratias Street). Hersonissos Port's centre is seperated from the apartments by the grounds of one of Crete's top luxury resort hotels and its Convention Center.

The main beach and Hersonissos Port's seaside street for pedestrians begins right after Creta Maris Hotel & Convention Center, with peaceful restaurants and cafes -many of them oriental- at about 5 minutes walk from the apartments. The bars,  the night clubs and plenty more shops, restaurants and cafes are yet a little further walk on the Port's seafront.
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Υγρότοπος Αποσελέμη 2653 hits

The wetland of Aposelemis is found in the eastern side of Kato Gouves settlement between Analipsi village at east and Gouves to west and by a distance of 19 km from Heraklion town.
It is shaped by the estuaries of the Aposelemis river, which starts its flow from the plateau of Lasithi and meets the sea at Kato Gouves
. It covers a total extent of about 80 acres, forming a rare biotope, unique of its kind, that hosts numerous birds. The estuaries of the river overflow with winter rains (end October up to early April). At the end of the rainy season, the water in the estuaries is evaporated leaving small lakes. The region has been impressed in a scale 1:500 and has been characterized by the Address of Forests of Heraklion as a wildlife reserve. It is reached by a dirt road, from Gouves and from Analipsi, allowing easy access to visitors.At the end you can see the


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In the western part of the beach of "Analipsi" there is the river mouth of "Aposelemis". The river of "Aposelemis" is a natural border dividing the Municipality of Hersonissos and the Municipality of Gouves. 

In its delta there is an important wetland, integrated in the National Center of Biotopes and Wetlands. The distance from Heraklion City. is 19km

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Πρωτολειτούργησε το 1864, με πηγή ενέργειας το πετρέλαιο. Κατά τη διάρκεια του 2ου Παγκοσμίου Πολέμου αφαιρέθηκαν τα φωτιστικά μηχανήματα από τα στρατεύματα κατοχής και χρησιμοποιήθηκε ως παρατηρητήριο. Το 1951, στα πλαίσια ανασυγκρότησης του Φαρικού Δικτύου, ο φάρος επαναλειτούργησε ως αυτόματος πυρσός ασετιλίνης. Από το 1999 λειτουργεί αυτοματοποιημένος με ηλιακή ενέργεια με χαρακτηριστικό δύο λευκές αναλαμπές ανά 12,8 δλ. και φωτοβολία 11 ν.μ.

Κυκλικός πύργος ύψους 9μ. με οικία φαροφυλάκων. Βρίσκεται στη βορειοδυτική άκρη του κόλπου Μιραμπέλου και σε εστιακό ύψος 49 μ.