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Timios Stavros
Category: Church
Prefecture: Lassithi
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Timios Stavros

Places near Timios Stavros

Agia Triada - Panagia
Agia Triada - Panagia 2692 hits

Agias Triados and Panagias (Holy Trinity & Mother Mary) Church (Sfaka)
This two-aisled church bears the date “2 March 1643”. The ornate wood-carved chancel screens of its two aisles were crafted during 1845 – 1849.

Koudoumis Gorge
Koudoumis Gorge 2690 hits
The Canyon of Koudoumi
It is of the unknown canyons of Sitia and it is formed between the villages Tourloti and Sfaka. In 1,5 kilometres distance lies the small plateau called Monokaras.
The journey is difficult as the path that goes along the stream of the river is not in good condition. Lots of flora species grow on the steep rocks of the canyon.
The brushwood is predominant, especially thyme Coridothymus capitatus, achimopodi Genista acanthoclada, sage Salvia fruticosa, oregano Origanum onites, capers Capparis spinosa, holly Quercus coccifera, shinos Pistacia lentiscus, oleander and lots of kinds of orchid.
Sfaka 2661 hits
Sfaka is a medium sized traditional village, 30 kilometers from Sitia City, Eastern Crete and 40 kilometres from Agios Nikolaos, on the main bus route between the two towns and belongs to the Municipality of Sitia. It is located between Tourloti village in the east and Lastros in the west. It has a long history, and archaeological monuments including the meta-Byzantine icons of "Stavrosis" and the Church "Panagia" in the "Kato Chorio". Sfaka now has 200 - 250 inhabitants, but in the past its population was greater than 2000. Recently, Sfaka has been considered a tourist destination for its port, Mochlos. Population - 422 in 2001 Altitude - 236 metres
Chrisopigi (Roukaka)
Chrisopigi (Roukaka) 2657 hits

Until 1955 this village was known by its old name Roukaka, which must be of Turkish or possibly Arabic origin.

It is situated on the road that runs from Sitia via Achladia to Stavrohori and is not far from this last, among the foothills of the mountain Koprokefala and about 30 km from Sitia. Castrofylaca listed it for the 1583 Venetian census as Rucaca with 262 inhabitants.


During the years of the Turkish occupation it was a village with one of the biggest Ottoman populations and it had a large mosque. Ιπ 1866 Roukaka was the base for the Administrative Revolutionary Council of the notables of the Sitia District.

Chrissopigi Village Chrissopigi Village - area 

Hiking from Chrissopigi to Bebonas Village 5 km far Hiking from Chrissopigi to Bebonas Village 5 km far 

Later, in 1897 when the Turks of the village were surrounded by Christian revolutionaries they were saved by the intercession of Ambrosios the Metropolitan of Ierositia Ierapetra and Sitia) who came supported by a trqop of French sailors.

Chrisopigi Village in Sitia - East Crete Chrisopigi Village in Sitia - East Crete 


The cave Theryiotripa is in the area belonging to the community, as is also the hamlet Pebonas (or Bebonas) to the west of the village near the border of the District.

From the book "Sitia", N.Papadakis, Arcaeologist,1983

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