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Category: Beach
Prefecture: Chania
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Places near Perivolaki

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Glyka Nera 2831 hits
Glyka or Glika Nera beach (Sweet Water) is one of the loveliest beaches in Crete, with no umbrellas or other facilities but with clear blue-green waters in which to cool off after the hot sun.

The sea here is quite cold, due to the icy mountain water that rises in the sea and the sand.

The beach is located between Loutro village and Chora Sfakion. 

This water is clean and perfectly drinkable. On the beach you’ll find a small canteen serving refreshments and fast food. Unfortunately there is no shade anywhere on the beach, but you can rent an umbrella from the canteen.

Avoid sitting too close to the cliff because of the risk of rockfalls. Finally, be aware that the beach is popular with nudists, so if you object to the practice you had better avoid the spot.

Access from Chania is possible by public bus and rented or private car and motorbike till Chora SfakionAccess from Loutro, on foot (50 minutes), or by private boat.

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Anopolis 2721 hits

Archaeological site of Anopolis: The archaeological site covers a large area and is surrounded by fortified walls. It includes the foundations of several houses, a large basin and probably the foundations of a big temple. Many walls of 1-3 m of height are preserved. Most of them are built with unprocessed rocks, while others are made with shaped stones. The visible ruins reach to the south until the chapel of Aghia Aikaterini, were one can see a part of the Ottoman fortress.The houses found in the area were either built in clusters forming neighbourhoods, or were isolated farm houses. Also, coffer-like graves from the roman period, have been discovered in the area, while the cemetery of the ancient town is located between the Limnia and Pavliana settlements.From 1987 to 1988, Greek and Canadian archaeologists carried a land surface research, discovering several protominoan locations in the Anopolis area, in altitudes between 600 and 800 m. About 2 km west of Anopolis, the abandoned village of Aradena offers beautiful examples of ancient Cretan architecture.

The only road leading to Anopolis is the 12 km serpentines road from Hora Sfakion. The road was recently reconstracted. You can visit Anopoli with a bus as well.