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Κατηγορία: Παραλία
Νομός: Χανίων


Βαθμολογήστε: Πλατανιάς
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Platanias village is made up of the oldest part of the village at the top of the hill – Pano Platanias – and the modern extension of the village towards the sea – Kato Platanias. The small old traditional town that sprawls over the steep hill is characterised by its picturesque streets, the gardens which are full of flowers, and the great views at the top. 

There are some restaurants and cafes there with stunning views. Kato Platanias is a busy main strip with shops, bars, restaurants and cafes. The centre of the village is the square with various shops, restaurants and bars in its perimeter. The provided accommodation is dispersed in the whole village, from the waterfront to the top of the hill.The long sandy beach of Platanias– interrupted by a small, picturesque port – is generally very well organised with beach bars, sport facilities and places to relax and to have fun. It is also awarded with the Blue Flag award from the E.U. for several years. There are a few lifeguards in the busiest areas. The beach is located 11kmm west of Chania city and close to Agia Marina village and beach.Along the main street you can find whatever you would like; a post office, numerous banks with ATMs, supermarkets, drugstores and an open-air cinema. There is also a private Medical Centre, private places for children to play, elementary and high school. A mini-train departing from the central square offers two and a half hour tours in the countryside.

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Platanias Village with Agia Marina village is situated on the western part of Crete just 10 kilometers from the City of Chania. Chania is the largest city in the western part of the island.The isle of Gavdos south of Hania is the southest part in Europe! It has become a very popular destination with many attractions and breathtaking sceneries. Platanias village is also famous about its soft big sandy sunny beach. Here you can warm yourself with the Cretan sun and local hospitality