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Category: Beach
Prefecture: Chania
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Kalivaki is a bay just outside the village Georgioupoli which is situated in the prefecture of Chania at the north coast between the cities of Rethymnon and Chania on the island Crete (Greece) . Kalivaki has a very nice beach. On both sides of the bay there are small rivers that end in the sea. These rivers carry very clean and cold water from the mountains. Therefore the water is not very warm as it mixes with the seawater. Still, in the summer the temperature of the seawater is very nice to swim in, but colder than other beaches nearby. The small rivers are also the reason the water is very clean.Children can play safely in the sea because it is not deep. When you are about 50 meters out in the sea one can still stand on the bottom of the sea. There never are high waves in the bay. It is a safe beach for children.

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Georgioupoli 2928 hits

Georgioupolis is situated in a region with plenty of water andold trees. A special feature of the place are the eucalyptus trees, especially the pretty eucalyptus avenue on the old road to Vrisses. Three rivers run into the sea at Georgioupolis. The road bridge crosses the largest, the Almiros river, whose mouth creates the small harbour. In the last hundred years, many things have changed in Georgioupolis. The once small village with its 9 km long sandy beach enticed the first "do it yourself" holiday makers, who found a few rooms available in the village. The beach is busy with people enjoying the sand, the sea, and a drink at the beach bars. Idyllic places around the rivers and marshy areas can still be found despite the increase in construction. Today the travel-boom has changed the life of the residents and tourists keep them very busy for six months of the year. Then they are alone again for a short winter season. Then once again, the village comes to life with residents and tourists meeting in the numerous cafe-bars, ouzeries, restaurants and tavernas.

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Agios Nicholas Church 2834 hits

St. Nikolaos is one of the most beautiful churches of Crete and the trademark of Georgioupolis. It is built on an artificial stone pier in the sea which can be accessed from the beach.


This little church which in combination with the open sea compose a unique picturesque landscape, has been occasionally an ideal cinematic scenery for films that have been filmed on the island. It is dedicated to Saint Nicholas patron saint of sailors and Greek Navy so it is built into the waves.

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Georgioupolis 2789 hits

Georgioupolis beach is one of the largest beaches of Crete as it is almost 2 km in length and continues till the Kavros beach, which is the natural extension of the first and reaches 10 km in total. It’s been Located in Georgioupolis town, 38 km east of Chania and only 10 km from Vamos.

Heading from Chania through the highway you will find signs that lead you easily to Georgioupolis as it is a really popular tourist destination. You will arrive at Georgioupolis in about 25 minutes. In 5 minutes from the main square you can reach Georgioupolis little harbor where the long beach starts.
The beach is fully organized, characterized by fine golden sand and the water is shallow and warm, except close to the rivers, “Almiros river” & “Perastikos river” where the water is mainly cold but refreshing. West of the Beach is an artificial pier with rocks hosting the beautiful chapel of St. Nicholas which is located in the middle of the sea.
Do not be discouraged by the distance as it is well worth to cross the pier and walk to the church to see it from close and just observe the beach from a different and unusual standpoint!
Georgioupolis beach is ideal for everyone!!! Is ideal for families as it has all the infrastructure to meet the needs of travelers looking for a beach with all amenities, shops, cafes, sports activities as well as for those who want to combine their summer holidays with nightlife and entertainment. There are plenty of restaurants and traditional taverns, bars and coffee shops to meet that need!
At the same time for lovers of alternative tourism and tranquility there is a more relaxed and calm aura east of the beach that allows you to relax and get away from the crowds and noise!