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Category: Beach
Prefecture: Chania
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The beach of Tripiti is situated in the south of the island of Gavdos (and the most southerly point of Europe as well), 8km south from Karave port and it is famous for its beautiful rockformations. The rocks that are in the sea form arcades. 

The beach has large pebbles and is definitely not the best one in Gavdos, but it is quiet, as not many people go there, and the setting is wonderful. The name of this southern point is Tripiti ("tripa"=hole) and there are three holes-caves (arches) under the rock that runs into the sea.  This is the most southern place in Europe. Standing on a rock in Tripiti is a very large chair that you have to climb on in order to sit on it.

There are two ways to get to Tripiti (see hiking routes and image galleries from Gavdos). The first one is to hire a small boat to get you there and arrange to pick you up later. Ask around at the tavernas and you will be given more info about who can take you there and how much it will cost. The second way is to take the community bus and go to Korfos and then continue on the marked path of 4 Km that takes you to the beach. The path goes up and down, but it is not a difficult one. Maybe it is not recommended for small children.There are absolutely no facilities at the beach (so take plenty of water! Your last chance to do so is at the tavernas in Korfos) but there is a landmark there that you should visit: at the edge of the cape there is a huge chair reading "Southern Point Of Europe" (sic!). From that point you have a magnificent view of the Libyan sea.

Places near Tripiti

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Kastri 2664 hits

Located in the centre of Gavdos island, Chania Prefecture, approximately 5km from Karave and an altitude of 190m, lies Kastri, the capital of Gavdos. The community clinic and community office are under one roof, while the police station and public school are two dilapidated buildings forsaken by the residents long ago.

The need to preserve law and order, and provide education has weathered away with the thinning of population. The stone-built country houses are abandoned and gradually disintegrating. However, there are two bars where you can quench your thirst with a cool beer, soft drinks, or have coffee, canned food, or buy…soap for your laundry.

Walking distances (See hiking routes and image galleries from Gavdos):Karave to Korfos = 60 minKarave to Sarakiniko = 30 minKarave to Kastri village = 45 - 60 minKorfos to Tripiti = 60 - 120 minKorfos to Vatsiana village = 60 minKorfos to Kastri village = 60 minSarakiniko to Agios Ioannis Beach = 60 minSarakiniko to Lavrakas = 90 min Kastri to Ambelos village = 90 min Kastri village to Vatsiana village = 90 min Ambelos village to Potamos = 90 - 120 min Ambelos village to Pirgos = 120 - 150 min


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Vatsiana 2652 hits

In the south-west, 4km from Kastri village and at an altitude of 220m in Gavdos island, Chania Prefecture, lies the southernmost settlement of Europe, Vatsiana.

The few inhabitants are, perhaps, the most hospitable on earth. Isolation, lack of human contact has turned hospitality into the most priced virtue.

Cape Tripiti

Literally, it is the southernmost tip of Europe. To get there, turn right at the junction outside Kastri village and 4 km further down the road you reach Vatsiana.Gavdos, although a small island, does take time to explore if you have no suitable transport (e.g. mountain bike). We have not exhausted the description of the island; we have commented only on those places we visited ourselves, still there is a lot to see. Rooms to rent: Camping

If you like being among people, watching them come and go, then you will probably choose to stay at the port of Gavdos or at Karave. Fortunately, there are eleven rooms available to choose from and two tavernas. In addition, on the way to Sarakiniko there are eight more rooms. On the beaches of Korfos and Sarakiniko there are more rooms available five and twenty-five respectively. This accommodation is right on the beach so you can dive in the sea as soon as you get up from bed early in the morning.Naturally, most visitors to Gavdos choose to pitch own tents on remote, isolated beaches. I am sure you can find your ideal spot. However, make sure that you do not leave any garbage, or flammable material behind, since there is no fire-department in Gavdos.