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Κατηγορία: Παραλία
Νομός: Χανίων


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Η παραλία Περιστερές είναι ερημική, με άμμο και βότσαλο, αρκετά βράχια και είναι ιδανική για ψάρεμα και ψαροντούφεκ

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Κόρακας 2780 hits

Κόρακας, μια μεγάλη όμορφη παραλία με ψιλό γκριζωπό βότσαλο και πεντακάθαρα νερά. Σε αυτήν υπάρχουν ξαπλώστρες, ταβέρνες και μερικά δωμάτια, τα οποία φιλοξενούν τους επισκέπτες που αναζητούν ηρεμία.

Φωτογραφίες Προσεχώς
Πολύριζος 2744 hits

Παραλία Πολύριζος με  ψιλή άμμο, ρηχά ήρεμα νερά και είναι κατάλληλη και για παιδιά.

Φωτογραφίες Προσεχώς
Αγία Μαρίνα 2696 hits
Agia Marina Beach by Rethimno, south Crete Agia Marina beach is located between Rodakino beach and Fragokastelo area in south Rethimno Prefecture and 49km far from Rethymnon city.

There are no facilities available on this 300m long beach (together with the Rodakino beach just next to east) except a newly build Taverna (2007) and the rocky seabed makes it good for snorkeling. 

The beach has sand and fine pebbles, while in several places there are rocks.

The church of Ag.Marina is at the east end of the bay and has some Byzantine frescoes (although destroyed to some length). A dirt track leads to this beach from Skaloti village at the west.
Ροδάκινο 2651 hits

Rodakino is a small village located 42 kms from Rethymno, 27 kms from Hora Sfakion and 13 kms from Fragokastello.

Part of the village is located on top of a hill (called Epano Rodakino) and part of it by the beach (Kato Rodakino).
Rodakino is surrounded by small beaches some of them accessible only by foot, were visitors can isolate themselves from any trace of civilization. There are some small hotels and rooms to rent available and a couple of tavernas. The road to Rodakino is asphalt paved and there is a bus service to Rodakino from Rethimnon twice a day.

In the village the visitor can find a taxi station, and a gasoline station. A doctor is available for medical emergencies on the village of Plakias approximately 15 kms from Rodakino. Rodakino played its own part during the eons, in the fighting of the Cretans against all the invaders. The village was totally destroyed during the Venetian occupation, with only one resident escaping to Peloponnese in Greece . Years after the destruction he returned to the site of the village, and he rebuilt it.

In Kourkoylo one of the quarters of the village the first rising of the flag of the revolution against the Turks was raised on May 24th 1821. During the second World War the kidnapped German general Craipe was sent away from the bay of Korakas to the Middle East