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Αδελιανός Κάμπος

Crete Rethymno Adele: The north coast of Rethymno is a long sand strip that stretches for about 20 km. Here, about 5 km from the Rethymno main town is the hospitable beach of Adelianos Kampos. Known as Adele beach, it is a popular destination among family travelers. The clean sand and pebble beach is ideal for a stroll along the bay, where you can easily find a private secluded area or else sit at the chairs and parasols erected in front the taverns and bars lined on the main strip.The area near Adelianos Kampos is one of the most developed tourist friendly area in Rethymno. While the locals make you feel at home, you can stroll around Adele village about 2 km from the beach. Popular tourist shops line the beach with clothes, artworks, souvenirs etc.There are many nice resorts as well as cheaper studios near the beach. It can be reached by public bus from Rethymno as well as Heraklion 1 km from Adele beach, Platenes village offers a more lively experience with water sports, disco bars, golf parks and excellent taverns.

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At a distance of 9 kilometers far from Rethymnon, at the East, Adele is an inland village with 435 permanent residents, situated in a plain rich in olive trees and other fruit bearing trees. It is worth seeing the church of St Panteleimonas and the house of Constantinos Ghiamboudakis, the Cretan hero who blasted the powder keg at Arkadi during the revolt of 1866, so that the Ottomans would not capture the people who had found refuge there. The monastery of Agios Arsanios, dating back to the 16 th century is found near the village Pangalochori, some 5 kilometers at the East of Adele, close to the National Road leading to Heraklion. The Monastery is celebrated in the name of Agios Georghios (St. George) and it is worth visiting it for the original wood carved icon screen and the wall paintings of the Catholicon. The Monastery has also a Conference Centre for seminars, speeches and conferences, and a Museum. If you like scenic villages it is worth driving to the traditional village Maroulas, 2 kilometers at the Southwest. The village has an impressive tower and the houses maintain their interesting traditional architecture. Some 6 kilometers at the Northeast, just on the National Road to Heraklion it is found the tourist settlement of Stauromenos, with a monument in honor of the Greek and Australian soldiers and officers who lost their lives in the area during the World War II. At Stavromenos you may also visit the archaeological site. A local feast ("panighyri") takes place on 27 th of July, in honor of Agios Panteleimon Accommodation of any kind and for all budgets is plenty, both in the village and at the beach, which is less than 2 kilometers far from it. There are also many alternatives for food and drink and nightlife and amusement. Access from Rethymnon is possible by public bus, with regular service, taxi and rented or private car and motorbike.
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The area of Adele is located in the eastern side of the town of Rethymnon stretching from the Adelianos Kambos (Plain) seashore (Adele Beach) to the northern side of Gargani hill top (641m) with the larger part of it being flat. The people of Adele occupy themselves with traditional agriculture work, stock breeding and during the recent years with tourism business offering considerable services to all visitors.Adele village is at a distance of approximately 8 Km east of Rethymnon town located on the road to the Monastery of Arkadi. It is a beautiful small village built in an altitude of 70m above sea level with a population of 350 people.

One can easily bypass Adele as the narrow streets are not suitable for parking a car though if one stops the reward will be great. Strolling around the village, through the narrow paved small streets the visitor will come upon beautiful picturesque house yards, freshly whitewashed houses, historical churches and tasteful traditional coffee shops.

Adele village along with the settlement of Agia Paraskevi close by are ideal for quiet summer and winter stay as there is adequate accommodation in reasonable prices especially during the winter time. The distance from the beach is only 3 kilometers and for those who love walking there are two attractive routes to choose from, leading to it.The church of Agios Ioannis with wooden temple and roof, renovated in 1905.The location of ADELE village is perfect to use as a base for various excursions throughout the island of Crete as its distance from the most famous island sights is very short.Choosing to stay within these traditional and quiet surroundings gives the visitor a chance to taste Cretan Hospitality and get to know the history and the traditions of Crete.

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Adelianos Kambos (plain) is the seashore settlement of Adele community (see Adele village and Adele Beach) with a population of 700 people. The distance from Rethymnon town is approximately 7 kilometers. The beautiful beach stretching just about 2 kilometers is perfect for water sports and at the same time gives great opportunity for swimming and quiet relaxation under the sun. Tourism greatly developed in this area offers plenty of high standard services that might interest the visitor. Also in the area exist fully organized hotel resorts in addition to many family run hotels.

Furthermore, Adelianos Kambos offers the visitor an opportunity for more intense holidays since there are many places to enjoy himself or taste the local cuisine. Many shops cover all needs for possible supplies and shopping.