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Category: Beach
Prefecture: Rethymno
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It is an isolated beach 30 kms west from Heraklion city and 60 kms east from Rethymno and only 1 km shore distance west from Fodele beach. There are actually two beaches separated by a small hill. 
There are not restaurants or any organized facility at the area, so you have to take care for your supplies (as water, food etc). The area is ideal for the lovers of peace and quietness, because this beach has no massive tourism and is known only by the locals. In order to access the beach, as you drive from Iraklion to Rethymno, just 1 km after 
Fodele beach
, turn right and you drive for another 2 kms on a dirt road. Sisses village is located 6km west of the beach.

Places near Korakia

Pera Galini
Pera Galini 2929 hits
It is another isolated area at the north coast of Crete between Heraklion city and Rethymno. The beach is located just 1 km west from Korakias Beach, another secluded beach area. The beach is totally unknown to the tourists and the people from Sises are the ones who visit it mostly. From Sises village a dirt road starts which leads at the virgin beach area. The whole surrounding area is also interesting as it is perfect for hiking and ideal for the lovers of nature.
Panaghia 2606 hits

The church of Panagia in Fodele is dedicated to the Presentation of Virgin Mary and is almost 1 km northwest of the village on the road leading to the museum of El Greco.


The church is a Byzantine building of the 11th century, which has been built up on the half of an older temple of the 6th century which existed on the spot and was an early Christian basilica. The interior of the church has two layers of frescoes, the oldest dating back to the 11th century and the youngest according to the inscription in 1323. Architectural the temple is cruciform with a dome, without narthex, although it is based in Helladic architecture it has several structural and decorative elements that refer to the Constantinople architecture.