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Category: Beach
Prefecture: Lassithi
Address: Chrissi island
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Περπατώντας δυτικά από την Μπελεγρίνα βρίσκεται μια πιο ήρεμη παραλία, ο Χατζηβόλακας. Είναι μια βραχώδης παραλία με ρηχά κρυστάλλινα νερά και πανύψηλους κέδρους να την περιτριγυρίζουν και να προσφέρουν την σκιά τους. Δίπλα στην παραλία υπάρχει επίσης το εκκλησάκι του Αγίου Νικολάου ενώ κοντά θα συναντήσετε μια αλυκή, τους λαξευτούς τάφους από τη ρωμαϊκή περίοδο, καθώς και το φάρο του νησιού.

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Chrissi Cedar Forest
Chrissi Cedar Forest 2621 hits
The flora and the fauna of Chrissi island in Lassithi prefecture, have a very large variety if compared to the size of the island (the dominating ones are the cedar, the cypress bush, the lentisk, which are in a form of tree and bush as well, and sand-friendly vegetation). 

Chrissi Island is located in Ierapetra, East Crete: It is one of the 81 uninhabited islands of Crete. The residents of Ierapetra call it "The Island", because of their special relationship with it. It lies 8 miles away from Ierapetra coast in the Libyan Sea.

The cedar forest of Chrissi is quite rare in structure and length for the Greek standards. It is about 350 m 2 and the density of the cedar trees is about 14 trees per m 2 . It is consisted of age-long trees with an average age from 200 to 300 years, height up to 10 meters and diameter which reaches almost one whole meter. Cedar trees have a root system which develops in a rage at least twice their height! Besides their large roots, they have a huge amount of really thin roots which create a complex that restrains the sand.

The number of the floral kinds of Chrissi is very large compared to the size of the island, and corresponds to 1/20 of the Cretan flora! Those kinds, which you can find on the island of Chrissi , are rare on the coasts of the south Europe and unique all over the world.