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Category: Gorge
Prefecture: Rethymno
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Kotsyfos 2677 hits

Kotsifos gorge located in the south of Rethymno prefecture, between the villages Kanevos and Sellia. Its total length is 1,800 meters and surrounded by vertical sides that reach a height of 600 meters.


The upper part of the gorge is crossed by the road which connect villages Rodakino and Sellia, which goes through quite impressive and wild rock cavities that create a unique landscape, allowing the passerss to admire its natural beauty.

There is also the opportunity to cross the gorge starting from Kanevos village and following the flow of the river flowing through the canyon which  dries up in summer. At a point the gorge joins that of Boutsinas forming a spectacular waterfall of 20 meters.

In the gorge there is a small stone arch bridge, three old water mills and a cavernous church dedicated to St. Onoufrio and the church of St. Nicholas which is built into a cavity of the rocks at the height of the crossing road.

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Kanevos 2636 hits

Kanevos is located just before the entrance of the Kotsifou gorge at 450 m a.s.l. The village of Kanevos is 24 km far from Rethymnon and 7 fom Plakias coastal village.

There are a couple of good taverns with rooms for rent, operating all year around, for those who want to make Kanevos their base for excursions to the broader area. The name "Kanevos" is considered to be of Venetian origin (caneva= wineshop) as in the past there were some renowned inns here.