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Maherida Pond
Category: Lake
Prefecture: Chania
Address: Tersanas
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Maherida Pond

near Tersanas at Akrotiri, Chania. 

Places near Maherida Pond

Tersanas 2754 hits
Tersanas is a small natural bay, 13 km northeast of Chania. It is a quiet village with a lovely, sandy beach in a small bay. Tersanas is an ideal place if you want to do unwind and relaxing holidays, next to the sea.

In the lovely beach there are provided sun loungers and umbrellas. Sometimes during the weekends the sandy beach may be crowded, by the locals from Chania, but even like that it is a fine place to visit for a few hours. There is also a lovely cafe on the edge of the beach, next to the sea. Another wonderful taverna (Sunset) with great views is built on the top of the hill.
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Chorafakia 2726 hits

Τα Χωραφάκια αποτελούν έναν από τους παραθαλάσσιους οικισμούς της Δ.Κ Κουνουπιδιανών με έκταση 423 στρέμματα και ένα μέσο ποσοστό πληθυσμού. Έχει τουριστικό και παραθεριστικό χαρακτήρα , παρά το ότι στο παρελθόν αποτελούσε κυρίως αγροτικό οικισμό. Ιστορικά, τοποθετείται περίπου στις αρχές του 17ου αιώνα. Το 1845 εγκαταστάθηκαν στα Χωραφάκια πολλές οικογένειες από τα Κύθηρα.

Stavros 2703 hits
Stavros (i.e. cross) is a seaside village located 17km northeast of Chania, at the northernmost edge of Cape Akrotiri. One characteristic feature of the area is the very steep camel-shaped mountain rising opposite the harbor of Stavros. The mountain is famous, because there were filmed scenes for the film “Zorba the Greek”, where Anthony Quinn danced the famous Sirtaki Dance in 1964. Then Stavros was a small fishing village.

Today the region has become a major tourist resort with many hotels and important tourist infrastructures. The two beaches of the area have contributed to the development of the area.


At a distance of approximately 15 kilometers from Chania at the Northeast, it is situated the beach of Stavros, at the very north of the Akrotiri peninsula. One of the bays of the area gives the feeling of a lake because of its small size. In this area you can find an abundance of fish. At this place filmed the famous Alexis Zorbas and Stavros had its moment of fame. It is a rather remote beach with fine sand, but as most of the beaches of the north it is not protected from the “meltemia” (northern summer winds).

The beach is organised with some hotels offering accommodation and restaurants, taverns and cafes for food and drink. Sun beds are also available.