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Agarathou Monastery
Category: Monastery
Prefecture: Heraclion
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Agarathou Monastery

The Agarathos Monastery is 23km from Heraklion city (Heraklion Prefecture) on an exit at 8km of the Heraklion - Agios Nikolaos highway. There are signs on the road that lead to the monastery. The monastery of Agarathos, dedicated to the Virgin, stands on a rocky hill between the villages of Sgourokefali and Sabas villages in Thrapsano municipality.During the period of Venetian rule it was a centre of learning, producing many famous churchmen including the Patriarchs Cyril Lucaris, Meletius Pegas and Sylvester the Cretan.The church was rebuilt in 1894 and flourished once more after the end of the Turkish occupation. Young, educated monks with university degrees have recently settled in the monastery, restoring it to its former glory.

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Church Museum at the Holy Monastery of Agarathos 2543 hits

The domed “Kislades” (storerooms) and the old olive mill of the Holy Monastery of Agarathos were converted to a church museum. Visitors will find old relics which tell the story of the area, which story is part of the history of Crete.

The museum incorporates modern measures for the safety of its exhibits against radiation, humidity, extreme temperatures and high noise levels. In the projection room visitors watch videos and slides about the monastery and monastic life from the past to the present.