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Ancient Temple
Category: Ancient Site
Prefecture: Lassithi
Address: Kavoussi
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Ancient Temple

Places near Ancient Temple

Havgas Kavoussi Gorge
Havgas Kavoussi Gorge 2832 hits

Small but impressive gorge wich ends up east of the Kavousi village. The total length is 1.1Km and the elevation difference is 130m. Formed between the mountain Kapsas (998m.) and Azorias hill (343m.).

Havgas Canyon is one of the few that end up on the northern coast of the island. It is quite narrow with vertical walls. Its rocks are very similar to those in tha Ha gorge.

The course of the gorge in the northeast followed wide cobbled road that connects the area of Avgos with Kavousi village.

Interestingly, at the beginning, there is a big puddle which you can cross using the tyrolienne technique.

Azorias 2817 hits

Azores settlement is an important urban center of Crete in the Archaic Period (7th-5th century BC). Built on a conspicuous hill that dominates the Mirabello gulf, holds the position of strategic importance between Isthmus of Ierapetra and west Sitia mountains.

Even though the area has been continuously inhabited from the Early Iron Age (1200-700 BC to the 5th century BC), the destruction 700 BC leads to the settlement’s rearrangement and the public urban center construction.
Of the public buildings that have come to light, important to mention are: Firstly, the complex named “Andrion” consisting of storage areas, kitchens, one dining room and rooms used for libations and offerings, Secondly “Memorial State Building” which was obviously hall or banquet terraced for seats and thirdly the small “Sanctuary”. Here apart from numerous vessels, iron spits, tools and weapons figurines and an armor section and Cretan type helmet were found.

Panagia sto Skali
Panagia sto Skali 2760 hits

Church of the All-Holy Virgin Protoseptemvriani

Ancient Olive tree
Ancient Olive tree 2741 hits

The ancient olive tree stands 1 kilometer on the southern side of Kavousi village and very close to the archaeological village with the same name. This Olive is natural monument and the most ancient olive in the world. Indeed it is grafted in wild subject, forming the most ancient grafting sample in the world.

The olive tree has been proclaimed from the Olive Municipalities Association of Crete as Memorial because of its big dimensions and place near the ancient settlements of Vronta, Castro and Azore, where many pottery and pressing systems have been found. Georgiow Grammatikakis owned the olive tree in 2008 and it is mastoid variety locally named “mouratoelia”.
The trunks biggest diameter is 4,9 meters long and its perimeter 14,20 meters. Based on yearly ring methods it is estimated that the tree was planted on the period 1350 until 1100 b.C.
In 2004 after the residents and Ierapetra’s municipality suggestion it was decided that the first winner of the Women’s Marathon in the Olympic Games in Athens would be crowned with branches from the olive tree.

Messonas 2681 hits

The gorge of Mesonas formed between the mountain Kliros (1331m.) and Mount Papoura (1010m.) and connecting the springs of  the Milonias with the entrance of the Havgas gorge. The total length is 4Km, and the elevation difference is 455m.

This is a relatively narrow gorge with vertical walla, full of water during winter. Slopes are covered with oaks and maples.

A narrow serpantine shape cobbled path runs through the canyon (ideal for hiking all seasons) and old aqueduct carrying water from Milonias Springs to the Kavousi Village.

It is ideal for canyoning by following the course of water.

Agia Irini at Avgos
Agia Irini at Avgos 2670 hits

Agia Irini (St. Irene) (Kavoussi)
The single-space, Byzantine church dedicated to Saint Irene dates back to 1410 and is a modest arch-covered church adorned with murals.