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Prefecture: Lassithi
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Katsidoni 2716 hits
Katsidoni (530 m altitude) a village about 16 km from Sitia on the road to Karidi. In the Venetian census of 1583 Cazzidoni is listed with 213 inhabitants and Sandali which also belongs to the same community with 371. Sandali is almost deserted nowadays. 

On the nearby mountain of Prinias (803m). a sanctuary was found on the peak which rises directly above the hamlets belonging to Piskokefalo (Metochia Piskokefalou). The site was authenticated in 1967 but not explored until 1971.

Even though it had been pillaged to a great extent, the finds were interesting enough to show that it was one of the most important peak sanctuaries of Eastern Crete. Clay likenesses of the rhinoceros beetle (Oryctes Nasicornis), a species of scarab, were among the finds. G. Spiridakis, a well-known professor of the University of Athens and whose subject was folklore, came from this village.

There are a number of caves in the Katsidoni district, the most interesting of which are Geros Spilios and Kato Platyvolo.

The origin of the name of the village is unknown.

From the book "Sitia", N.Papadakis, Arcaeologist,1983 
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Katelionas 2703 hits

Nothing remains for the visitor to see today, except piles of ruins, of this once flourishing village situated between Handras and Sitanos. In 1583 census for the Venetians is mentioned as Cattegliona of Sitia with 428 (!!) inhabitants; the population however, slowly diminished until in 1881 there were only 26 living there, and now it is completely deserted. Certain researchers believe that the ancient city of Dragmos must have been sited here. According to the inscription of the Arbitration of the Magnesians this was situated between Itanos and Pressos. Certainly,funerary inscriptions, larnakes and innumerable potsherdssupport the theory that there was some ancient settlement here. Katellionas Katellionas Despite this it is thought by some that Katellionas was originally a pure Venetian village. In any case it must once have been fortified as we can see from the name which is derived from a Latin-based word meaning «fortified place». The Greek equivalent is Kastello, also from the Latin root. Katellionas Katellionas From the book "Sitia", N.Papadakis, Arcaeologist,1983

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Oxo Latsidi Cave 2650 hits
Located in Patelia, 1 km north west of the village of Sitanos, 25 km from Sitia. Its height is 610m above the see level. It occurs in Jurassic Limestone. Further north there are Pre-tertiary Filites, and north west and north east there are small masses of Dolmadic rock from the Tertiary period. Only 50m of the cave had been explored by the locals. 

Then, P. Faure explored the whole cave on the 26th of July, 1967. Some days later, it was mapped and studied by El. Platakis and Io. Tsiftetakis. The entire length is 360 m. After the entrance there are two chambers, one 34m x 16m, and to the right of it another, 32m deep.

From the left-hand chamber a long narrow gallery extends 330m into the hillside; it is between 2 to 8m wide but only 0,50 to 1,50m high. The streams of water give the impression that it was probably once the bed of an underground river. It is rather lacking in naturally decorative features. Sitanos is located 5 km southern from Karidi.

Oxo latsidi in Sitanos, Sitia Oxo latsidi in Sitanos, Sitia Oxo latsidi in Sitanos, Sitia From the book "Sitia", N.Papadakis, Archaeologist,1983
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Church 2629 hits