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Νήσος Σαντορίνη
Κατηγορία: Νησί
Νομός: Κυκλάδων
Διεύθυνση: Cyclades

Βαθμολογήστε: Νήσος Σαντορίνη
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Νήσος Σαντορίνη

Santorini or Thira is the most spectacular island of Cyclades. It is a unique place due to its volcano and its magnificent landscape. The island had a round shape until the volcano erupted in 1500 BC with a tremendous force that the central part sunk into the sea. The Minoan settlements on the island were destroyed and covered by volcanic ash. The huge tidal waves reached Crete and destroyed the Minoan civilisation. Nowadays, the crescent shape of the island forms a long inner bay called

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Fira or Thira is the capital town of the island. It is built on top of the caldera cliffs, offering panoramic view to the volcano and spectacular sunsets. The town is situated above the old port, which is accessible by 556 broad, winding steps leading to it. The Venetian and cycladic architecture meet here, in an extraordinary combination of dazzling white houses domed churches, sun-bathed terraces and stepped alleys. There are all kinds of bars and clubs hosted in traditional dwellings, stylish cafes with magnificent view, elegant restaurants built on the edge of the rock and traditional tavernas. Wondering around the cobbled streets of Fira, one gets the feeling of the old-world charm blended in with the modern-day comforts. But above all, there is a multinational young crowd walking up and down the narrow streets of the village, until early in the morning. The unique atmosphere together with the vivid day and nightlife are to be remembered for a long time after. Firostefani, located on the upper level, is the westernmost part of the town, with a breathtaking panoramic view to caldera and the volcano Info Location: 7 km from airport, 10 km from port. Transportation: Central bus station to all destinations, taxi station, cable car and donkeys to old port, car rentals, motorbike rentals. Beach: 9 km to Kamari, 8 km to Monolithos, 13 km to Perissa Dining: High class restaurants on the caldera side serving international cuisine, traditional Greek restaurants, tavernas, takeaway food, souvlaki, snack bars, patisserie, coffee shops. Nightlife: Fira is the nightlife center of the island with various bars, clubs, Greek & foreign music. Shopping: Super & mini markets, central fish & grocery market, bakeries, and any kind of shops as fashion & clothing, shoe & leather, souvenirs, craftwork, hand-woven embroidery, jewellery. Also, hairdresser and beauty salons. Banking: National Bank, Alpha Bank, Commercial Bank, Agricultural Bank, Piraeus Bank, machines for money withdrawal and money exchange. First Aid Stations: Thira Health Center, private doctors, dentist, pharmacies. Authorities & State Service Offices: Prefecture, Police Station, Port Police Office, Telecommunications Office (OTE), Post Office, Olympic Airways Office. Conference facilities: Nomikos Thira Foundation, Bellonio Cultural Center Museums: Archaeological Museum, Historical Museum, Folklore Museum, Gyzi Cultural Museum. Festivals: In August