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Νήσοι Σποράδες
Κατηγορία: Νησί
Νομός: Μαγνησίας


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Νήσοι Σποράδες

The Sporades islands group lies off the eastern shore of mainland Greece and consists of 11 islands of which only 4 are inhabited: Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos and Skyros. These Greek islands are characterized by dense vegetation and mountainous terrain and are world known as some of the bluest and cleanest seas one will ever come across and experience. Each of these has its own beauty and charm and has something unique to offer the visitor.

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Alonissos Greece is the northern island of the Sporades Islands group. It is located east of Skopelos. It is an authentic Greek island mostly known for its incredible natural beauty and its amazing beaches. The waters of the Greek island are considered as the cleanest in the Aegean Sea and have been declared a marine park because they are a breeding ground for the rare species of monk seal, the Monachus Monachus. Alonissos is an island of unique natural beauty and is primarily known for its beaches with the crystal clear waters and the Marine Park. Apart from the capital, Patitiri, there are several villages like Rousoum Gialos, Votsi, Milia, Chrisi Milia, Steni Vala on the east coast, and Gerakas on the north coast that surely deserve a visit. The island hosts the only Marine Park of Greece and it is one of the six ecological islands of Europe protecting the Monk seals and other endangered species. Thus, Alonissos is an adeal place to enjoy beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters. You can swim at the beach of Patitiri and the nearby beaches of Rousoum, Gialos, Platsoukia, and Chrisi Milia -the most beautiful beach of the island. You can also reach the rest of Alonissos' beaches by bus, private means, or by boat from Patitiri. Nice taverns, cafes and bars can be found in Patitiri and Old Alonissos. Unbelievably good taverns can be found in the road starting from the harbour and going to the north; on it is the excellent tavern called To Kamaki with heavenly tasting dishes and another one called Kala Krassia. Some bars offer Greek or international music in Patitiri. Enigma Club is the only club offering the possibility to dance all night long.