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Category: Island
Prefecture: Cyclades
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The island of Virgin Mary has always been famous for its rich natural landscapes offering a special peace; perfect for those who desire relaxed vacations. You will find yourself strolling around traditional Cycladic villages, wandering between ancient monuments and remains of Venetian castles or admiring the sunset from one of the hundreds of dovecotes, found on mountains, seaside villages and ravines. The Church of Virgin Mary is located in Tinos, the port and capital of the island, so you will be able to visit once you arrive. The temple is one of the most beautiful Christian churches; it is entirely built with marble and houses the famous miraculous religious icon that receives thousands of offerings from believers.Among the many important sights you should visit in Tinos are also the archaeological site that keeps the remains of the ancient Temple of Poseidon, in Kionia, the Exobourgo archaeological site in Kabos and the museums in the capital Tinos You will enjoy swimming and other water sports if you visit Agios Fokas or Kionia, a few km from the port. Other lovely beaches are located on the south side of the island, in Agios Sostis and Agios Ioanis Porto and on the northern bays of Panormos and Kolybethra. (Ano & Kato Koufonissi, Iraklia, Schinousa, Donousa, Keros, Antikero, Agios Ioannis) Somewhere tucked between industrious Naxos, party-crazy Ios and historic Amorgos lie the Small Cyclades, a series of islands where the hectic life of large urban centers is left behind like a heavy woollen sweater on a hot day: once without, you wonder why you would ever want it back. Of these islands the two most popular are Ano and Kato Koufonissi. Situated to the south east of its more illustrious neighbour Naxos, Koufonissia is two islands separated by a 200 metres straight. The upper, populated island is one of the smallest islands in the Cyclades with an area of just 3.5 square kms. and a population of 284 people. With the largest fleet in Greece in direct proportion to the population, fishing is the main industry on the island. In spite of its size, Koufonissia does have several tavernas and cafes together with some local art shops and a post office. You will find the meals in the local hostelries to be of a high standard, with fish in plentiful supply courtesy of the home fleet. There is no possibility of car or bike hire as the only asphalted roads, are in and around the village. Anyhow, the island is small enough to walk around in one morning. Beaches are the big plus on Koufonissia. There are 4 really superb stretches of sand within a thirty minute walk of the village.

Places near Tinos

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Metamorphosi Sotiros 2437 hits

Transfiguration of Jesus Catholic Church (Koumaros)

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Monastery of Jesuits 2436 hits

The monastery of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Xobourgo

This monastery is the most important pilgrimage of Greek Catholics. It was founded in the middle of the 17th century by a group of Jesuit monks who were settled in the village of Kastro where they build the church of Agia Sofia.

When the Turks occupied the Kastro, the monks moved in the settlement of Borgo and they built a new church of Agia Sofia (around 1720). In 1837 the Jesuits built a monastery dedicated to Agios Joseph in the village of Loutra. Towards the end of the 19th century, with the contribution of the Orthodox monastery in Loutra and the villagers’ donations, the monks restored the old church of Agia Sofia and named it the church of The Sacred Heart of Jesus.

After some years of abandonment, the church was restored and grew bigger, taking its today form. Apart from the church, the monastery offers cells for accommodation and a small restaurant. In the yard you can admire the statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus by I. Filippotis. The statue was created in 1950 and is dedicated to the Catholics who gave their life during the Wars in the period 1912-1950.

Every second Sunday on July believers from all Greece gather here to celebrate their Faith.

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Tripotamos 2434 hits

Tripotamos is listed in the island’s most ancient villages. Wander around the small paths that lead to its Cycladic arched houses, have a drink or food in the traditional taverns and cafes and visit the village’s cheese factory.