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Λ/Σ Αγίας Γαλήνης (Λ/Χ Ρεθύμνου)
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Λ/Σ Αγίας Γαλήνης (Λ/Χ Ρεθύμνου)

Λ/Σ Αγίας Γαλήνης (Λ/Χ Ρεθύμνου)

Places near Λ/Σ Αγίας Γαλήνης (Λ/Χ Ρεθύμνου)

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Platis Potamos 2840 hits

Platis river is located in the south Rethymnon, it stems from the torrents of Kedros Mountain and the Amari Valley and flows into the beach of Agia Galini. This is one of the largest rivers of Crete that flows all year round.


The river has different morphologies throughout its length, with narrow and inaccessible parts, waterfalls and elsewhere wide flow parts and is covered almost completely by dense vegetation. In several places there are bridges with most impressive the two old stone arched bridges that exist at the beginning of the river.

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Platys Potamos 2652 hits
The gorge of Plati Potamos is located at the southern side of the Amari valley, Rethimno prefecture, 42 km souteast of Rethymnon city and 18 km north from Agia Gallini at the south coast.


The river-gorge described has a length of 4 km and starts from the village of Agios Ioannis, which is  located 2 km east of Nithavris, at the west slopes of Psiloritis mountain. It goes through the east side of the Kedros mount, towards Agia Gallini, south coast, where flows 1 km east of the tourist town. The most impressive part to hike lies between Agios Ioannis village and Agia Paraskevi. The gorge is easy to pass and is marked with red signs. 4 km far from the start of the gorge (Agios Ioannis), 1800m east from the village Orne, there is stone, traditional bridge of impressive construction. A bit later the river turns to a deep narrow gorge and becomes inaccessible and dangerous.There are small ponds with water all year round that make walking pleasant.

In the middle of the gorge there are only two difficult points that require little experience. At those parts it is better to go up the slope bypassing the difficult points and meet the riverbed again further down. The river continues its course to the beach of Agia Galini.
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Stochos 2607 hits

The apartments Stochos in Agia Galini by Rethimno Prefecture, South Crete, is known for its family environoment as well as the uniqueness of the area, an attribute you will embrace upon arriving.

Agia Galini coastal village is known for its enchanting design as a village, since it is built on the slope of a hill, among the calmness and peace that the area has, next to the crystal clear sea and beautiful beach.