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Λ/Σ Παλαιοκαστρίτσας (Κ.Λ. Κέρκυρας)
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Λ/Σ Παλαιοκαστρίτσας (Κ.Λ. Κέρκυρας)

Λ/Σ Παλαιοκαστρίτσας (Κ.Λ. Κέρκυρας)

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Lakones 2883 hits
Lakones Corfu: This is a lovely, picturesque village with one road running through the middle of it. The road is so thin that traffic lights at either end are used to avoid car accidents. The houses are sometimes a bit ramshackle but have a charm. You may even see women wearing the traditional Greek dress here. The village also offers some of the best views on the island with Palekatritsa well below and the boats in the harbour just mere dots.
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Paleokastritsa 2738 hits
Paleokastritsa is the place that must be visited when someone visits Corfu for holidays in Paleokastritsa. The natural beauty of the land and sea is a treat for everyone. Amazing beaches and caves in Paleokastritsa and Liapades. Palaiokastritsa is the name of the most famous picturesque village of the island of Corfu, 26 kilometres northwest of Corfu Town The village of Palaiokastritsa offers many nice taverns overlooking the bay and six sandy and pebble beaches which are scattered all around the area; those beaches are surrounded by olive trees forests and are famous for their dramatic scenery and the beauty of their colours. This lovely area of Palaiokastritsa stretches along a coastal road and contains some superb bays and a harbour. There is little to the village itself aside from a number of hotels and restaurants that begin a good kilometer away from the final bay. The hotels and bars of Palaiokastritsa give access to some pleasant bays. As you continue along the descending road you reach the largeish harbour which has a number of restaurants nearby offering great views at day and night. As the road reaches and end you can see a large tree filled rock above it which contains the Theotokou Monastery. The main beach of Palaiokastritsa is quite small and very popular. It is surrounded by bars and hotels and there is a road behind it so is not quiet. But the views of the cove are great. You can get a boat here which takes you around the many caves in the area.