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Category: Town-Village
Prefecture: Heraclion
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On the north axis of the road that leads to Arkalochori, we meet the beautiful village of Lagouta. Built on a low hill, it is embellished with a beautiful pinewood, which was created with the loving care of the Cultural Association of Lagouta.

In the name of the village is detected the well known Cretan musical instrument Lagouto, lauto, or lute. It is difficult to make a certain connection with the name of the village as any documentary evidence of this connection is missing. Most residents have come from Lasithi in various periods of its history.


Places near Lagouta

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Skinias Dam 2671 hits

The small Skinias lake is located south of Karavados village, at the east part of Messara plain, off the Pirgos / Skinias to Viannos road. In the village turn right, and cross a ford to the dam. You can park at the outskirts of village and walk. The reservoir lies north of the village of Skinias towards Ano Viannos. The river is dammed to form the reservoir.

The Karavados/Skinias reservoir attracts ducks in winter and waders and herons on spring passage. A forked dirt track leads down to a long narrow reservoir with a dam at the Skinias end. There is a track alongside the south bank. Skinias village is first mentioned in a document of the ducal record in Handax in 1373. The name of Skinias comes from a plant name (Skinias=lentisk).  Baritis River supplies Skinia reservoir and a tributary the one in Karavado. The region lies in a nodal point for migratory birds and the good condition of habitats in Baritis river help the presence of a significant biodiversity.  Into the reservoir we can see plant society of potamogeton perfoliati that is first mentioned in Crete. The riverine vegetation in Baritis River is one of the most well preserved in Crete.

The best time for visiting the area is spring from the middle of March until late May and in autumn from early August until end of October. However winter and summer months offer good opportunities for bird watching. Karavados and Skinias Reservoir.

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Folklore Museum of Lagouta 2533 hits

The Cultural Association of Lagouta, aiming at the contribution to the cultural upgrading of the place and having the belief that tradition is a strong national bond, opened the Folklore Museum of Lagouta on September 14, 2008.

The Folklore Museum is housed in a building donated to the Association by the former Municipality of Arkalohori. This building was built after Nikiforos Fokas’ era. According to tradition the southern part of the building was the Church of Christ the Crucified and the northern part was the “Ellinikon”, in other words the school. The visitors of the folklore museum can admire valuable exhibits that refer to difficult periods and local tradition.