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Category: Town-Village
Prefecture: Rethymno
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The settlement Achlada, of Agia Pelagia belongs to the administration of the Community of Achlada, the picturesque village above the southern part of the bay, climbed on the north slope ol Mount’ Vasilikon, in 300 m. altitude.

Its residents, who are now over 550 people, are mainly occupied with agriculture, tourism and tanning. The name of the village has its origin in Hie tree agriachladia (wild pear tree) which grows naturaly around the area where the village was first built.

Achadia is known to us since Medieval times and witnessed by various sources between 1577 -1583 with its 63 residents for that time, inning the years of Venetian Dominance in Crete, Achlada was a feud of the brothers Giorgio and Francisco Modinos, with 35 homes of the villagers and two churches. In the north eastern side of the village are the ruins of another settlement belonged to Modinos brothers, of Kadanou; Its residents moved to Achlada after the attack and plunder by Turks during the war of 1645 – 1669.

Places near Achlada

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Kladissos 2730 hits
Just west of the main Agia Pelagia beach and 27 km from Heraklion City lies the beach of Kladissos. This beach is ideal for those who want to avoid the summer crowds found in the central Agia Pelagia beach and in the other surrounding beaches. 

This beach is less crowded and more isolated than the main beach of Agia Pelagia but still close to the centre of the cosy town of Agia Pelagia. It is nice to take a stroll to the smaller beaches of Agia Pelagia if you are looking for more quiet, peaceful places to sunbathe or enjoy the clear water of the sea.

The beach has fine gravel and green waters, which are almost always calm. It is very well organized, since the hotel has placed several umbrellas, deck chairs, bars, showers and changing rooms for its customers. This beach looks like private, but do never forget that all beaches in Greece are public and open to the public. Kladissos beach is always quiet and remains secluded, since locals prefer the nearby Agia Pelagia because they don’t know about the beach.

Very close to the shore carved post-Minoan tombs have been found. Moreover, archaeologists have revealed a large public building of the third to fourth century AD, called Prytaneion. This was used for the meetings of the politicians of the town, that was probably somewhere here.  Some ceramic findings of the area are exhibited in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.
Agia Pelagia
Agia Pelagia 2683 hits

Agia Pelagia is a cosy small village on the north coast of Crete, breathing the atmosphere of authentic Greece, even though it is only 22 km from the capital Heraklion. The region is full of natural beauty and due to its geographic position it played an important role throughout history. Where Agia Pelagia is now, there used to be an ancient Greek city, it has been inhabited since around 2000 BC as most findings date back to 1700 BC and 1300 BC when the inhabitants had dealings with Faistos, Knossos and the Cyclades. The ancient town was destroyed by fire in 1200 BC. Sir Arthur Evans mentioned that they were the best salvaged remains of a Minoan harbour. Many of the ceramics collected there, are now found in the museum of Ashmolen in Oxford. The most notable remains found in the wide area: large water containers (for the supply ships), the Roman Aquaduct, engraved tombes etc.

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Savvatiana Monastery 2656 hits
Savathiana: A female monastery 23km far from Heraklon City, it is believed that it took its name from an older monastery which was built there, that of Agios Savas. 

It is found above Rogdia village. It was founded in the late years of Venetian rule. One of its Abbots was the well known scholar and important intellectual, Maximos Margounios.

Those of the monks that took part in the defense of besieged Chandax were slaughtered, or were transported as captives to Constantinople. In the monastery there are the graves of the of Kokkinidi family fighters.
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Mononaftis 2604 hits
This lovely beach is located in Agia Pelagia and 27 km west from Heraklion City . If, from the main beach Agia Pelagia beach, you walk passed Capsis Hotel and continue in that direction, you will eventually end up at the beach of Mononaftis beach. 

The word mononaftis means lonely sailor. It is the third beach in Agia Pelagia. This is a very quiet beach and it is sheltered by a large rock, giving the beach plenty of peace and privacy.
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Psaromoura 2581 hits
The beach of Psaromoura is a small beach to the west of the main Agia Pelagia beach and 27 km far from Heraklion City. This beach is more favoured by the locals more than the tourists. 

This beach is known for its quietness, but unfortunately it is unprotected from the north summer winds (meltemia). Many people consider this a very nice and quiet beach, where there is also a small shop that sells drinks and ice cream.