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Potters Neighbourhood
Category: Ancient Site
Prefecture: Heraclion
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Potters Neighbourhood

At the sea coast of Kato Gouves, 15 kilometres east of Heraklion city, a large settlement of the Late Minoan period has been partly excavated by the archaeologist D. Vallianos. The settlement is divided into three building complexes crossed by a road which lies vertically to the sea.

It also consists of open spaces covering an area of 4 hectares. Archaeological evidence, gathered from the relics and other objects found on the site, shows that this place was the neighbourhood of potters; their houses, those of the traders and their workshops were all standing here.

The two building complexes (complex A and B) on the south part of the excavated area, remnants of which lie in a small mound, comprising one building each with many rooms opening up to a big central yard. Complex C, on the northern part of the settlement, contains three buildings, which also have many rooms, opening up to a central area with benches and a fire place.

Between the building complexes there are open common spaces and workshop installations as well as clay tubes that were used to transport the waste to the sea.

At the edge of the building complexes there are pottery workshops. The discovery of nine kilns, as well as  clay workshops and clay wheels, the discovery of a complete pottery workshop with all the tools used during Minoan times for making pottery, confirm beyond any doubt that Gouves was indeed one important crafts centre the biggest known so far in the prehistoric Eastern Mediterranean zone.

It is very possible that pottery that was made here was sent for consumption not only in Crete but in other regions also contributing to the creation and expansion of the so called common Mycenaean pottery.

Pottery production comprised all sorts of pottery forms of the Late Minoan period such as amphora, cups, figurines, cooking ware and clay tubes.


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The spectacular sandy beach in front of the village Kato Gouves, in the Heraklion region, is a popular choice for the visitor who demands a fully organised beach. Offering many activity opportunities such as wind surfing, water skiing, jet skis, banana rings, parasailing and pedalos it is the perfect choice for water sport fans. It also has scuba diving centre! Sunbeds and umbrellas allow you to stretch out and soak up the sun after energetic activities. It has been awarded by the EU Blue Flag for its clean golden sand, its crystalline shallow waters and the facilities it offers.The nearest village is Gouves. The distance from Heraklion City. is 18km