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Category: Town-Village
Prefecture: Rethymno
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Drigies is a small and picturesque village on the slopes of Kedros Mountain at Rethymno prefecture, 2km north of Ano Meros village by the Amari valley region.

The distance from Rethimno is 47km and to reach the village you follow the Rethimno - Meronas - Gerakari - Ano Meros road.

Places near Drigies

Ano Meros
Ano Meros 2681 hits
Ano Meros: a bright green village with the old Kaloeidenas Monastery that had Asomaton Monastery as a monastery dependency many years ago. The village is situated at the foot of Kedros Mountain, at the southwest side of Amari Valley.


The village of Ano Meros is 50km far from Rethimnon city, on the Rethimnon - Apostoli - Meronas - Ano Meros road. The remains of the old Kaloeidenas Monastery and church are above the village.

At Ano Meros there is a memorial dedicated to the heroes of the resistance movement. Located at the foot of Mt Samithos you have spectacular view to the Psiloritis Mt.

The villages of Meronas, Gerakari, Ano Meros, Elenes and Vrises lie at the banks of Kedros Mountain, while the villages of Amari, Opsigia, Monastiraki, Lampiotes and Petrochori prevail at the side of Samitos Mt.. Dorps such as Monastiraki, Vizari, Asomatos, Genna that flourished in earlier years, are built in between the valleys (Amari Valley) and the coombs of the area.
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Smiliano Gorge 2661 hits
The canyon has a lot of water in winter and crossing it, by any means, is very tough. The 2.5km long canyon starts near the village Vrysses and next to the abandoned settlement of Smile. It is very wild and hiking especially in the initial part, with the many waterfalls, requires tough trekking from the sides.

The canyon is an ideal destination for lovers of canyoning in early summer, as it is full of waterfalls with very deep ponds, perfect for jumps. The highest jump is about 15m, probably the highest in Crete.

The course of the canyon (as outlined on early June 2012 – a very rainy year)

Starting near Smile, we first cross a little arched bridge and just after 50m we enter the main part of the gorge, where a large pond welcomes us. Immediately, the canyon gets narrow (~2m) and forms a very deep pond 2-3m deep requiring swimming. The first small rappel we met ends in a very large and deep pond (ideal for jump), where the depth exceeds 3m.

Immediately after this, a rock is stuck between the walls of the canyon, creating a natural arch. After swimming for several meters (> 25) without stepping, we continue our course without any problems. We soon meet the first high waterfall and the gorge get narrower (1-1.5m). Continuing through that narrow point of the canyon requires ropes. Alternatively we can walk aside the canyon until we find the 15m high rapel that results in a very deep pond, ideal for a big jump.

The gorge continues to the east and the deep ponds gradually turn to small shallow ponds. At the gorge end the water is almost vanished, thus nobody can predict the aquatic paradise that lies a few meters before.