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Category: Town-Village
Prefecture: Heraclion
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In a distance of 4 kilometers from Tylisos Village and 15 km far from Heraklion City, within the beautiful olive-grooves, we will meet Kamari, an agrarian village with special beauty as its name proclaims (“kamari” means honor, pride). The settlement has maintained its traditional form. The visitor can be refreshed at the marble fountain with the Arabic inscription, from which the whole village used to be irrigated once.At a central point, there is the impressive double-decked house of “Mimikos’s brother”. It is the brother of the hero of the real romance “Mimikos and Mary”, who was a doctor in Kamari.In a small distance from the settlement we will meet the very old gentrificated Byzantine church of Virgin Mary, built during the Turkish rule in an area wooded with vineyards and in the square the Church of Agios Nikolas who is the main saint of the village.The residents are mostly occupied with agriculture and the production of olive-oil and soultanina raisins. In the cafeterias of the village we can feel the beat of the local society, since they are the only place of encounter for the residents. Next to the village streams the river Kamarianos in a place that makes a unique natural landscape.Points of Interest1. Places of InterestOld marble fountain in the area “Palia Vrisi” Churches: Byzantine Church of Virgin Mary, Agios Nikolaos2. Natural Environment Kamarianos River3. Useful InformationTel. Number of Municipal Department’s Office 2810-851380Service of citizens on issues of Farmers’ Security Organisation takes place every Monday from 08:00 to 10:00 pm.Cultural Society - Events4. Accomodation – Gastronomy – Recreation AreasA traditional cafeteria