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Category: Town-Village
Prefecture: Heraclion
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Sarchos Cave in Krousonas 2824 hits

The Chonos or Sarchos cave, near the village of Sarchos (1km NW of the village of Sarchos in Kroussonas Municipality), is one of the favorite caves for speleologists, due to its complexity and its length.
The cave is like a siphon and acts as an occasional spring. During heavy rain the cave is flooded at its deeper parts making it very dangerous. Furthermore, if rain is continuous then the whole cave is flooded and water comes out from its entrance.

The mapped length of the cave is about 1.500 meters and its depth is about 225 meter from the surface. The cave is one of the most important water supply conduits of the Almyros spring, which is located just 13,5 kms away. It is possible that the cave is also communicating through smaller siphons and sinkholes with the Livadia plateau located west of
village. The cave develops northwards along the big fault zone of Kroussonas – Tylisos, and within the “Tripolitsa” limestone and dolomites, which are intensely fragmented up to a depth of about 100 meters.

Chonos is also a place of historical importance and was used as a refuge by the inhabitants during the successive revolutions of the Cretans against the Ottoman occupation. During several uprisings the cave became a shelter for people from the surrounding area. Especially during the uprising of 1866 - 1869, many women and children sought refuge in the cave.

The Turks besieged the cave for several days without any results. In the end, they placed flammable material at the entrance of the cave and set it on fire. However, currents of air coming out of the cave prevented smoke and flames from penetrating into the cave and stopped a repeat of the tragedies, which took place in the caves of Milatos and  Melidoni.