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Sivas Square
Category: Site
Prefecture: Heraclion
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Sivas Square

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The village of Sivas with about 400-500 people, is located 62 km away from Iraklion, on the western slopes of Asterousia Mountains, at an altitude of 110m and close to the villages of Kamilari and Pitsidia. The village has changed little from days gone by. The Ministry of Culture has recognized Sivas as a traditional protected village.

Life revolves around the square where you can enjoy the company of local people who always make you feel welcome. Sivas has a special feel about it, which is out of the fact that many people return year after year.

Near the village the archaeologists unearthed circular tombs of the pre-palace period (2600-2000 B.C.). In 1958 a full collection of early Hellenistic coins were found. However, looters stole most of these and only 36 coins were found and are currently on display at the Archaeological Museum of Iraklion.In the middle by the village  the meanwhile completely asphalted road leads up to the militaryful Odigitria Monastery, highly above in the mountains.During summer months the village square in front of the church, takes centre stage of daily life. Here you will find some Kafenia (Cafés), the butcher, a small supermarket, herb and handcraft shops, a pottery and also a silversmith. While the children are swinging and sliding on the playground  in the shade of the large trees, you can find everything for the daily need in the small shops around the place.