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CYBELE 2776 hits

You have a splendid opportunity to enjoy a dream trip to Makrisgialos, at Sitia Crete, a place of unprecedented images and amazing colours that will give you unique excitements and remarkable experiences. The Cybele complex (70m far from the beautiful beach of Kalamoukanias) has twelve luxurious suites and apartments, which were designed and built with great care and real taste, paying attention to every little detail. (русский язык)


It is about 2 quad units of 75 square meters eight, eight double rooms of 45 square meters and two 30 squire meters.

Kalamokanias 2765 hits
Kalamokanias is located 57km southeast of Agios Nikolaos and 22km east of Ierapetra, on the west side of Makri Gialos settlement. It is located on the west side of the hill that rises behind the harbor area. It takes its name after the migratory bird stilt (Himantopus himantopus) that has red legs and body reminding of a miniature stork and stops in the local streams. The beach, although next to Makrigialos, is known mainly to locals because it is not visible from the main road. It is very quiet and has coarse black sand that does not stick to the body. It is not organized, but there are tamarisk trees that provide shade and a few taverns around. Also, there are several hotels and rooms, while the bars of Makrigialos are not far. Here you will meet mostly locals enjoying the sea, away from the tourist beach of Makrigialos.To get here from Ierapetra, before entering Makrigialos (100m), turn right and head towards the sea. Moreover, there is a coastal road connecting the beach with the local harbor.
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Perigiali 2752 hits

Perigiali apartments to rent are situated on the west of the picturesque port of Makrys Yialos near the beautiful beach of Kalamoukanias.

Perigiali apartments are only 50 metres away from the sea and the tranquility of the scenery offers relaxation and peacefulness to the guest. Perigiali apartments consist of six dual-chambered apartments, fully equiped, which are situated on the ground floor of the building.


Koutsouras 2751 hits

Having gotten his name from pine logs which systematically cultivated in the region, and left as a dowry the valuable "forest", was previously the Koutsouras Centre of municipality Makri Gialos, hosting almost all services. the population of the village is 775 inhabitants (census 2011), 305 inhabitants (census of 1583).

Like almost all other seaside villages, Koutsouras, is a new community, with its foundation dating to about 1950, mainly from residents of Stavrochori, who chose to move to more fertile and productive lands when the risks of the sea were now extinct. Built along the southern main road, at a distance of 22 km from Ierapetra, Koutsouras makrigialos with with which it borders, establish a "heavy" tour front.

Top attraction is the "pine forest" at the entrance of the village, next to the beach of Apigania, known not only for its rich summer events but also why there ends the famous Gorge of Red Butterflies which starts from the Mountain.

Kalamokania beach is one of the best in the region, while if you find yourself there in late summer may encounter the impressive "Stilts", migratory birds in black and white with red tall and slim feet that look like storks, which make a stop in streams that are there and eventually gave their name to the beach.

Maybe Koutsouras to be known mainly for their summer beauties, but it is a lively village that has a lot to offer all year round. There are many taverns and restaurants that operate year-round, while if you try to ask the famous peanuts Koutsouras, once a hallmark of the area, but now few continue to grow.

Minoan villa of Makry Gialos
Minoan villa of Makry Gialos 2748 hits

Minoan villa at Makri Gialos was founded in a fertile plain, east of Ierapetra and close to the sea, controlling the agricultural production and shipping. Its wealth lies in its construction, which is the epitome of royal architecture during Late Minoan Period (1500-1450 BC).

The building apartments organize around the central courtyard. In the northern part an M shape built construction was found, perhaps altar, while both north and northeast side developed arcades.
It also contains western courtyard and west facade with carved stonework and worship places. The rooms are meticulously manufactured with paved floors and walls coated with plaster. Of these findings, important are the clay and stone vessels, the idols, and the seal of stearin with ship sacred performances, priestess and sacred tree that probably testifies the building’s religious character.

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Daidalos Villas 2728 hits

Daidalos Villas maisonettes in Makrigialos: Daidalos Villas is a newly built complex consisting of 4 maisonettes with sea view. The maisonettes complex is located in Makrigialos just 80 m from the beach. The Villa consists of 4 housing units. The holidays apartments are designed to be next to each other with a private balcony with a fantastic sea view to the Libyan sea.

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Koutsouras 2698 hits

The beach of Koutsouras is situated at a distance of 55 kilometers far from Agios Nikolaos, 35km away from Sitia on the way to Ierapetra, which is seat of the Makris Gialos municipality, at the Southeast and 20 kilometers eastern to Ierapetra, in front of the homonymous village, with some 800 permanent residents. The beach is pebbly and well protected from the north winds. 


It is a very good choice for staying, as it offers accommodation facilities in hotels and rooms to let and food and drink in the fish taverns of the settlement. You will also find facilities for swimming and sunbathing (sunbeds, umbrellas), as well as sea sport activities. And, if you feel like wandering around, there are several other beaches in short distance, which you will certainly like.

If you wish to combine swimming with sightseeing, get in your car and drive up to the mountainous village Orino (meaning “mountainous”!), found at the eastern mountainside of mountain Thrypti , at a distance of some 14,5 kilometers at the North, and take a coffee, a refreshment or, much better, a “tsikoudia”, under the shade of the walnut and plane trees, listening to the birds and to the sound of the current water around, as you enjoy the fascinating view.

Or, drive up to the southern mountainsides of mountain Orno , enjoy the wonderful route and take your coffee at Stavrochori , 7 kilometers from Koutsouras village, or at Chrysopighi (11 kilometers far from Koutsouras ).

If you like walking, the flat area around the village is ideal; you will walk within a mild landscape , with greenhouses and plantation all around.

If you are around in September, don’t miss to attend the local feast (“panighyri”), in honor of Timios Stavros (“Holy Cross”), on the 14 th of September. The feast takes place at the church of Timios Stavros, found at the top of mountain Thrypti.

Access to the beach is possible from Agios Nikolaos by rented or private car and motorbikes, and by bus or taxi from Ierapetra, which is found close enough.
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