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Places near Parking

Makri Gialos
Makri Gialos 2961 hits

Descending the pine forest of Peykoselioy found in Makrigialos, one of the most popular summer resorts in Crete. Makris Gialos, gets its name from the large sandy beaches, which each year enjoy thousands of locals and foreign visitors.
The later history of the record as a small fishing village with few inhabitants which served as a hub for agricultural products and animals, but the perfect natural landscape was to decisively change the identity of the area. The current population is 760 inhabitants.

The large tourist investments began the 1980s highlighted the quality of Makrigialos and converted it into an ideal summer destination. The golden sand, shallow and awarded with Blue Flag beaches waters of Makrigialos, full and multidimensional coverage of services offered, people have identified the site as appropriate family destination and not only.
H nodal position between Ierapetra and sitia recommends the Makrigialos ideal for alternative tourism activities in Eastern Crete, while the mild climate attracts mainly northern Europeans citizens to buy land and houses. The small and picturesque Harbor fueling the taverns with fresh fish while in the summer months there are daily excursions to gaidouronisi and koufonisi
The value of the area of Makris Gialos seems appreciated since ancient times, and the ruins of the Minoan Villa, (miniature of the Palace of Knossos) dating back to 1500 b.c. is the best witness.
In the area is also the great age of easily Villa which dates back to between the 1st BC and the 3rd century AD and in which it is believed that it remained a Roman centurion, who supervised crops marine snails for the production of valuable then purple.

Beach - makrygialos
Beach - makrygialos 2944 hits

Makri Gialos Beach is 35 km far from Sitia and 29 from Ierapetra. The name Makri Gialos means "long beach", which indeed it is the long sandy beach with crystal clear, shallow waters, is perfect for children and non-swimmers, and further out for more experienced swimmers. At the eastern side and very close to Makrigialos main beach you can walk to the beautiful Mikri Poli beaches. 

The beach is lined with a good variety of tavernas to suit all tastes, the fishing port being the most picturesque part of the village.

  From the port, there is a boat which leaves each morning for the beautiful island of Koufonisi, returning late afternoon. Makri Gialos has a very good suply of shops, tavernas and watersport facilities and attracts visitors of all ages. From Makri Gialos you can visit also Monastery of Kapsa and the impressive gorges of Pervolakia, Orino and Pefki.

The excavations brought to light a minoan villa. In the same region a villa from the Roman period has been excavated.

Shallow beach with golden sand and blue waters, sheltered and organized, is an ideal family destination

Roman Villa of Makry Gialos
Roman Villa of Makry Gialos 2844 hits

Life in Roman Villa in Makri Gialos lasted about three centuries. From 1st BC to the 3rd AD. Its long occupation is documenting its importance and also the wealth of the region, both the agricultural sector and the navy. The building ground was covered with tiles, and the 37 rooms and spaces were developed around an oblong courtyard.

Although it was found in bad shape indicative of the luxurious flooring and walls of some rooms with marble slabs, like the mosaic entrance floor where black and white pebbles where forming geometric surrounded by ivy leaves.

The cherished to Roman world baths were discovered in the south wing of the villa. It includes an outdoor horseshoe pool, in cathode scale lined with marble surrounded by areas with mosaics depicting geometric patterns with circles, while close the characteristic hypocaust with 56 cyoniscs was also found. Water channeled from tanks to the baths with a closed and pipelined system.

Analipsi 2792 hits
On the road that passes from the settlement of Analypsis is built the little church dedicated to the Ascension of Jesus. Its construction began in 1908 from residents of Pefki at a location that had the name “Big piece or Chani”. Its completion was delayed up to 1930, due to the long-lasting wars from 1913 until 1922 and other unfavourable situations. Then a villager, who was retired officer of police force and tradesman in the town of Ierapetra, Charilaos M Manoysakis sponsored its completion which took place in 1933 from the craftsman Stefanos E Karamanolakis from the Krya village. The opening ceremony of the Temple became the 1934. In 1983 suffered damage due to arson, the repair then was sponsored by the ship-owner Antonios Lelakis from the town of Sitia.


«Πεύκοι “Τόπος και Ιστορία”», Γεωργίου Θ. Καναβάκη (Καναβογιώργη), Έκδοση Κοινότητας Πεύκων, Ιούλιος – Αύγουστος 1994
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CYBELE 2783 hits

You have a splendid opportunity to enjoy a dream trip to Makrisgialos, at Sitia Crete, a place of unprecedented images and amazing colours that will give you unique excitements and remarkable experiences. The Cybele complex (70m far from the beautiful beach of Kalamoukanias) has twelve luxurious suites and apartments, which were designed and built with great care and real taste, paying attention to every little detail. (русский язык)


It is about 2 quad units of 75 square meters eight, eight double rooms of 45 square meters and two 30 squire meters.

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Stelin Tours 2778 hits

Stelin Tours is an experienced, reliable and well-organised travel agency located in Makry-Gialos, Lassithi, Crete, which provides excellent travel services that will make your vacation on the island of Crete a unique experience. We offer a wide variety of all-inclusive travel services in the Makry-Gialos area, such as hotel accommodation, studios, apartments, rooms and villas for rent.

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Analipsi 2774 hits
In the early years, Analypsis was a settlement of the former Community of Pefkoi. Its development began in 1956 in the area north of the beach.

Initially the settlement was built east of the port of Makry Gialos but due to the growth, it quickly joined with the settlement of Makry Gialos. Furthermore the area took the name of Makry Gialos and today forms the Municipality of Makry Gialos.

The main reason for the foundation and growth of the settlement was the opening of the road from Ierapetra to Sitia in 1956 and the cultivation of precocious horticultural since 1957.

In 1961 for the first time the area was reported in official documents as Analypsis and the 4th inventory department of Community of Pefkoi. In 1971-72 the development begun and the road network was improved. As a result tourists appeared and small cottages became rooms for rental by tourists, bungalows were built, shops and then the first big hotel which attracted more tourists.

At present permanent residents of Analypsis exceed 2000 while the summer months the population is increased by locals and tourists.

For accommodation, there are plenty of rented rooms, hotels, villas. Furthermore super markets, restaurants, cafes, car rental businesses are present and a lot of relevant shops that can cover visitors’ requirements.

In front of the settlement unfolds the clean and rewarded with the blue flag, sea of Lybikon with the beautiful and spectacular beach of Makry Gialos.

The sea and the sandy beach from the south, the panoramic and green mountains with beautiful slopes from the north, combined with the sun, fresh air of mountains and sea, make the settlement of Analypsis and Makry Gialos in ideal place for holidays.
Kalamokanias 2768 hits
Kalamokanias is located 57km southeast of Agios Nikolaos and 22km east of Ierapetra, on the west side of Makri Gialos settlement. It is located on the west side of the hill that rises behind the harbor area. It takes its name after the migratory bird stilt (Himantopus himantopus) that has red legs and body reminding of a miniature stork and stops in the local streams. The beach, although next to Makrigialos, is known mainly to locals because it is not visible from the main road. It is very quiet and has coarse black sand that does not stick to the body. It is not organized, but there are tamarisk trees that provide shade and a few taverns around. Also, there are several hotels and rooms, while the bars of Makrigialos are not far. Here you will meet mostly locals enjoying the sea, away from the tourist beach of Makrigialos.To get here from Ierapetra, before entering Makrigialos (100m), turn right and head towards the sea. Moreover, there is a coastal road connecting the beach with the local harbor.
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Ikaros 2760 hits

Ikaros Apartments-Sea view apartments right on the beach: Ikaros villa is located at the beach in Makrigialos, only 30 m from the sea.

From the apartment you can have a spectacular view to the Libyan sea. Ikaros villa is a family complex. It is located in the beautiful village of Makrigialos.

The villa consists of 4 different housing units.


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Perigiali 2759 hits

Perigiali apartments to rent are situated on the west of the picturesque port of Makrys Yialos near the beautiful beach of Kalamoukanias.

Perigiali apartments are only 50 metres away from the sea and the tranquility of the scenery offers relaxation and peacefulness to the guest. Perigiali apartments consist of six dual-chambered apartments, fully equiped, which are situated on the ground floor of the building.


Minoan villa of Makry Gialos
Minoan villa of Makry Gialos 2757 hits

Minoan villa at Makri Gialos was founded in a fertile plain, east of Ierapetra and close to the sea, controlling the agricultural production and shipping. Its wealth lies in its construction, which is the epitome of royal architecture during Late Minoan Period (1500-1450 BC).

The building apartments organize around the central courtyard. In the northern part an M shape built construction was found, perhaps altar, while both north and northeast side developed arcades.
It also contains western courtyard and west facade with carved stonework and worship places. The rooms are meticulously manufactured with paved floors and walls coated with plaster. Of these findings, important are the clay and stone vessels, the idols, and the seal of stearin with ship sacred performances, priestess and sacred tree that probably testifies the building’s religious character.

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AKROTIRI 2733 hits

These beautiful apartments are set at the edge of a strip of land right into the sea of Makrys Yialos.


Because of their exceptional position they offer superb views towards the Lybian Sea and the surrounding mountain scenery.



Image Coming Soon
Daidalos Villas 2730 hits

Daidalos Villas maisonettes in Makrigialos: Daidalos Villas is a newly built complex consisting of 4 maisonettes with sea view. The maisonettes complex is located in Makrigialos just 80 m from the beach. The Villa consists of 4 housing units. The holidays apartments are designed to be next to each other with a private balcony with a fantastic sea view to the Libyan sea.

Image Coming Soon
Miramare 2725 hits

Miramare Studios - apartments Makrigialos >> sea view apartments in southeast Crete >> Family accommodation in Makrys Gialos CreteMiramare is consisted of eight stylish studios, which are located only a few steps away from the beach, in a very quiet place on the edge of a settlement. The settlement is the picturesque haven of Makris Gialos. In this village, you can find numerous taverns and restaurants, as well as shops, doctors, pharmacy and car rental offices.


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Aspros Potamos 2688 hits
Aspros Potamos (White River) is referred to be the oldest settlement of the area of Pefkoi. It is located about 1 km north of the beach of Makry Gialos.

Narrations report that the settlement was wealthy in the past, but because of the close distance from the sea, it was subject to incursions and as a result its residents had to abandon the place and move to the northern areas that were safer for them. It is also reported that the first residents of Pefkoi were the residents of Aspros Potamos. The area can be described as spectacular. The mountains from the North and the valley from the South that reaches the settlement of Analypsis, the stream of Aspros Potamos which crosses the settlement, form a unique landscape.

Most of the old houses of the settlement, which were built from stone and soil, have been refurbished and attract many visitors.



«Πεύκοι “Τόπος και Ιστορία”», Γεωργίου Θ. Καναβάκη (Καναβογιώργη), Έκδοση Κοινότητας Πεύκων, Ιούλιος – Αύγουστος 1994
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Villa Feggari 2677 hits

 Villa Feggari apartments Makrigialos >> sea view apartments in southeast Crete >> Family accommodation in Makrys Gialos CreteVilla Fengari is located in Makrigialos or Makrys Gialos East Crete, in Lassithi Prefecture, on the south-eastern coast of Crete, at 150m from the sea. Makrigialos is a quiet tourist seaside resort, on the south-eastern coast of Crete.


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Olympia 2674 hits

Olympia apartments Makrigialos >> sea view apartments in southeast Crete >> Beachfront accommodation in Makrys Gialos CreteOlympia apts is a beautiful, recently rebuilt in the heart of Makri Gialos Bay, lying right in front of a sandy, Blue Flag awarded beach, with the ambition of winning your hearts because we have put our love and effort in order to satisfy your elegant pure choice.


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Villa Sunrise 2664 hits

The Petrakis family has been successfully running the apartments in Makrigialos, East Crete, for a number of years because it offers a comfortable, friendly and hospitable environment.

Villa Sunrise is the ideal place for those who want to enjoy a calm, serene and pleasant vacation.