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Category: Island
Prefecture: Attica
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Spetses the island famous for the glorious naval past.Spetses is a small greek island (with population 3.603 habitats) across the southern end of Argolida, to the entrance of the Argolic gulf, full of beaches throughout its whole sinuous coastline and piny forests that cover the lower hills and reach till the sea. At the northeast coast of the island is the, traditional settlement, which still preserves the radiance of the glorious naval past of the old mansion houses of the fighters for the Revolution and of the rich sail men with the yards decorated with flowers and peddles, but also at the boat-yards that still operate at the Old Port. The single-horse carriages are ideal for a romantic ramble in the city across the beach, as in fact in all of the island the circulation of private owned cars is forbidden. favored by their geographical location and the unrivalled natural and cultural environment, have developed into a cosmopolitan tourist destination for visitors with high expectations The old buildings, the stone traditional roads, and the beautiful scenery giving to the visitor a unique experience. Spetses by having the privilege being on this ideal geographic place have became in one of the most popular travel destinations in greece , perfect for sort or long lasting (people that visited spetses experiencing the need to stay for ever) vacations . The visitor can get to spetses by boat (flying dolphin) from the port of Piraeus (in 2 hours) or by driving from Peloponnesus until kosta beach (in 2:15 hours) and then with water taxi in 5 min will be in SPETSES.