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Category: Town-Village
Prefecture: Chania
Address: Βάμος
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Gavalohori 390 hits

Gavalochori is a traditional village in Apokoronou Peninsula, west Crete, of wonderful stone houses. Apokoronas is a microcosm of the Cretan natural environment. From the coastal zone, which is adorned by a lacy patchwork of beaches, small picturesque coves and breathtaking steep rocks, as far as the foot of the mountain range, this unique landscape is the main reason why the area has become increasingly popular in recent years. At the crossroads on the national road to Kalami, the visitor will find the landscape entrancing. 


Gavalochori is a traditional village in Apokoronou Peninsula, west Crete, of wonderful stone houses. Its name comes from the noble Gavaladon family (who got the possesion of the village during the diversion of Crete to the 12 young rulers of the Byzantium in 1182). 

Many of the well-known Gavaliana walls still stand within a fantastic landscape. An excellent folklore museum also stands in the village; here you can see the history and the culture of the village. It is hosted in a renovated Venetian building with stone arches. Finally, there is an agriculture and tourist women's co-operation on the main square, which has a cottage industry producing knitting embroideries and laces of delicate art.
The Gavalochori is located 25 km away from Chania and it is only 3 km away from the sea. In the village you can combine the tradition with the nature and the landscape; many hills mainly wooded with olive trees and carobs are scattered through it. In the Gavalochori it is simply necessary for the guest to try a walk around the village to enjoy the peace and beauty of the nature. The climate is mild and beneficial for the health of the inhabitants. 

If you want to eat you can try the taverna Aposperitis, on the road to Vamos, or other traditional tavernas in the nearby village of Vamos (I Sterna tou Mploumosifi, Marouvas). You can also visit the waterfront villages of Almyrida or Kalyves for swimming, food or coffee or even a drink in the night, since they are in 3-4 km. The Chania Old Town is also 30 minutes away. 

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Almirida 295 hits

Almirida, a small fishing village, lies along the east of the Souda Bay opposite the cape of Akrotiri, within 25 kilometers from the city of Hania. The surrounding area, with picturesque villages, lovely beaches, and historical sites consists one of the most worth to visit areas in the island of Crete. Kera, Plaka, Kambia, and Kokkino Horio are some of the most renowned and unforgettable places to the numerous friends of Almirida. 

The White Mountains dominate the area and provide a dramatic backdrop to the sandy beaches at Almirida and Kalives. In the last few years visitors from Northern Europe have become so enchanted with Apokoronas that many have bought homes here which has brought new life and tourist facilities to the area. This also means that there are now sophisticated and luxury villas available to rent in this part of Crete. Most of our properties are situated slightly inland, a little bit removed from the madding crowd, in the most sought after locations but with beaches and the sea close at hand.

The area has been just developed the last eight years, in a way that the traditional characteristics which attracts the most demanding guests, remained unspoilt.Historically, it introduces great interest. The whole area used to be a colony of the ancient Foinikes, a place named Finika exists in the area, while some ancient ruins and tombs of the time were unearthed there.Nature lovers will find many foot paths leading to some wonderful secluded beaches. At the entrance of Almirida archaeologists discovered Mosaic and tombs which belong to the Royal Church rhythm of the 5th century A.D. Here the last battle between the Greek revolutionaries and the Turks in 1896 took place.

Almirida village: The old church Almirida village: The old church Almirida village: The old church 


Almirida has tourist accommodation of all types and class. Not large hotel resorts but many small family operated and well looked after with friendly and quiet environment, which however can provide all the modern facilities. Fresh fish and lots of Cretan specialties are offered at the small taverns located on the coastal street by the sea. There also many bars, cafes, music clubs etc to offer the visitors unforgettable evenings.

For your shopping there are shops with traditional products and souvenirs of a wide range, and of course many mini markets which remain open until late. There is regular bus transportation service to the town of Hania and the surrounding villages in 24 hour basis.

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Plaka 282 hits

Plaka is a lovely village in Apokoronas region, built on the slope of a hill overlooking Souda Bay. It has all the amenities you need, including excellent tavernas, bars, a grocery store and a kafeneon, all of which remain open throughout the year.

Plaka is only a few minutes drive from the sandy beach at Almerida, and five minutes further along the coast is Kalives, where day-to-day shopping, general amenities and more sandy beaches are available. The historic City of Chania is forty-five minutes drive, as is the airport.

Plaka was once a sleepy village with only approx. 250 inhabitants – it has grown over the last few years as people have discovered its charms and moved into the area. There are many marked walks and pathways in the area, with local transport and taxis available in Almerida.
The village retains its traditional identity, which must be protected through checks on new buildings in order to prevent the alteration of the traditional architectural style. Every summer Cretan music festivals take place in Plaka, the "Plakiana", in honour of Michael Papadakis, from Plaka, a fine lyra player of recent years.

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old-Christian basilica 239 hits

In the entry of the village of Almirida, by Kalives, west Crete, the ruins of an old-Christian basilica from the 6th century have been excavated, with mosaic floorings of an exceptional quality and maintenance.


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Gavalochori Folklore Museum 210 hits

The Museum was founded in 1967 and was inaugurated in September 1993. It is housed in a building which is a characteristic example of local traditional architecture and stands on two levels.

Gavalochori is a traditional village in Apokoronou Peninsula, west Crete, of wonderful stone houses. Its name comes from the noble Gavaladon family.

There is a ground floor with a verandah, an inside courtyard, an arched house proper, with its utility areas and a first floor with an odas or large room. Part of the building was built during the venetian occupation, while the first floor was built during the Ottoman rule.

The building served as a private home until the end of the 19th century and was donated to the community of Gavalohori by George and Maria Stylianaki. The objects in it are displayed according to modern miseological concepts, with explanatory texts, photographs, drawings and models, and new exhibits are added each year. The Museum is divided into seven room, according to the following units: The Arched House, Silk, Pottery, Lace-making, Masonary and Stone carving, Church and Woodcarving. In the historical section of the Museum are exhibited guns and swords from the lengthy struggles of the Cretans for their freedom; also a small part of the collection of paintings and historical lithographs in which are depicted same of the most significant events of the history of Greece and Crete, coins (Roman, Byzantine, Venetian, Turkish, coins of the Cretan State and Syracusan coins from the period (405-345 BC). Also medals won on the fields of battle by the citizens of Gavalohori.

Address Gavalohori Apokoronou, Chania 730 08