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Category: Town-Village
Prefecture: Dodecanese
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Once a tiny fishing village - and some brochures actually claim it still is - you would be hard put to find a fisherman in FALIRAKI now. Often dubbed 'lively' in the brochures the resort, about 15km south of Rodos, is in fact little more than a noisy teenage play pen. Jet skiing, go karting, bungy jumping are all on offer to please the daily influx of frolicky young visitors whose idea of fun is getting stoned on fizzy lager and making as much noise as they possibly can. And noise there is, brain-addling at night as the bars and clubs wind up to full power. The din is in evidence several kilometres away. Beaches are a grey, gritty sand and packed with bodies from dawn to well after dusk. Food here is as plastic as you would expect while millions of mosquitoes home in from the nearby lowland to gorge on the bare teenage flesh. Drinks cost up to six times supermarket prices and street touts for the clubs and bars can be persistent and aggressive. Perversely, recent holiday hotel complexes have adopted a Cycladic village theme for those wishing to enjoy the 'Greek experience'. If you have a two-watt bulb for a brain and an ever-open wallet you will feel very much at home with the majority of visitors in this Greek version of the Spanish costas. Faliraki water park is also nearby, one of the largest in Europe, and offers those bored with the beach a day out on water flumes and slides at a reasonable price. It can get crowded though and young children need to be looked after. Food and drinks here are also better value that Faliraki.