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Κατηγορία: Πόλη-Χωριό
Νομός: Δωδεκανήσου


Βαθμολογήστε: Ιαλυσός
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High above the resort of Trianda is one of the island's most noted beauty spots at IALYSSOS on the plateau of Filerimos. The hill is studded with cypresses and pines and was the site of one of three ancient cities of Rhodes. In 1522 Sultan Suleiman used Ialyssos as a base for his assault on the Knights. This was once one of three great city states that ruled the island. The ruins are rather meagre but it does have third century temples to Zeus and Athena. Filerimos is visited more for the heavily restored church of the Virgin Mary - built by the Knights on the site of a Byzantine basilica - and the monastery, an Italian restoration of the original. Reached by a flight of steps bordered by cypresses, the monastery and its domed chapels feature the coat of arms of the Grand Master d'Aubusson. Beneath the ruins of a small Byzantine church is a tiny underground chapel with 14th century wall paintings. The monks sell their own liqueur, known as sette, made from seven local herbs. Modest dress is essential for a visit here - no shorts, plunging tops or swim wear. From the monastery there's an uphill path to the southwest of the hill, along which are 14 icons representing the Stations of the Cross. Stunning views and a riot of flowers make this a very popular with photographers and nature lovers.

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Satisfying the most demanding holidaymakers' needs, holidays in Trianda throw a whole host of delights into the mix. So you live for watersports and partying? But like to move it down a gear with a little sightseeing and shopping. And can't think of anything better than great food accompanied by delicious wine? Trianda holidays are definitely for you. You'll find Trianda on the northern coast close to historic, yet still lively, Rhodes Town. The strong winds make Trianda a mecca for wind and kite surfing. Summer holidays to Trianda mean you're congregating at the capital of Greece's surf scene. It may be the perfect place to bring along your teenagers so they can hang at the beach. With a long pebble and shingle shore backed by hotels, bars and restaurants the beachfront in Trianda is always buzzing with activity. It's here you'll find our hotels, spread along the beach, or set slightly back. Check out Trianda village where you'll find an alternative to the souvenir shops and snack shacks on the front. It's more turf than surf here, with a strong traditional Greek village vibe. A stroll through the olive groves, citrus orchards and fields of the beautiful surrounding countryside provides a pleasant contrast to life on the beach. Trianda holidays