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Category: Town-Village
Prefecture: Dodecanese
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KIOTARI is a modern tourist beach resort backed by hills and, at the last count, four all-inclusive hotel complexes. The beach is quite large at 3km and very sandy at one end, shingle at the other. A couple of cantinas put sunbeds on the best of the sand in the summer. Most visitors bed down in the middle where there are lots of water sports here, jet skis, water skis ,banana boats, pedaloes, canoes and windsurfing are on offer. There are interesting rock pools to be found at one end of the beach. When the wind is in the wrong direction visitors can suffer smells from a nearby sewage plant. The resort itself is at the back of the beach, rather isolated with few shops and tavernas and little Greek charm thanks to some extensive holiday apartment building work in the 1990s - tasteful but characterless. There is no real community here, but it's popular with Greek weekenders seeking to escape the rigors of Rhodes town. There are now several mini-markets, some souvenir shops and a handful of family-run tavernas for those bored with hotel food. There is only one bus a day to Rhodes town so transport is needed if you want to get about.

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Gennadi 2448 hits
GENNADI is one vast stone and shingle beach about 70km south of Rodos. Much of the land around here is owned by the church and development has been kept to a minimum as a result. The beach is really just a continuation of Kiotari and good, if you like stone and pebble with scraps of sand here and there. It is strikingly huge - nearly 6km, and the stones drop quite sharply into the sea, though the waters are clear and good for swimming. A line of tavernas back the most popular parts of the beach and parts of it are now noted for popular, loud and lively parties after a DJ set up at a local beach bar, attracting hordes of youngsters to the area. If you prefer a more secluded atmosphere, then stroll to the south though you face a long walk if you are based at the northern end of the beach. The village lies above the beach over the main road where there are tavernas, rooms to rent, small hotels and villas. Some large hotel complexes stand rather isolated in a forlorn wilderness of flat scrub.
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Glystra 2448 hits
GLYSTRA is a small cove with an inviting beach of good fine sand that lies south of Lardos. This 'undiscovered' beach tends to take overspill from more northern beaches at Pefkos and Lardos. The sands are quite deep and the beach makes a long sweep around an attractive bay with the waters shallow, so it's fine for families with young children. Snorkelers can hunt for the shell of a car dumped in the middle of the bay. There is good parking at the northern end and a family-run cantina opens in the summer, providing sun beds and some good food. The beach, though pleasant enough, is rather exposed with little natural shade, so hiring an umbrella is a must if you don't take your own.