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Category: Church
Prefecture: Heraclion
Address: Αρκαλοχώρι
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Monastiraki 2407 hits
Monastiraki is a small village 42 km far from Heraklion City to the south, surrounded by hills and olive grooves on the road that leads from Skinias - Ini (Messara Plain Villages) to Arkalochori.

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Michael Archangel 2405 hits

Byzantine Church of Archangel Michael
This is a rare Byzantine monument. The church of the Archangel Michael (14th – 15th century) with the Cross on its roof has a main architectural characteristic: its vertical aisle distinguishes from the central aisle, as it is higher, while the church has no dome. It also has a narthex with a dome for its decoration and arches based on columns, as well as frescoes of the Cretan School of the 14th and 15th centuries. Outside at the door entrance an embossed icon of a melon can be distinguished, which is quite unusual. The temple is situated at the old cemetery of Arkalohori, just outside the village.

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Venetian Fountain of Mousouta 2401 hits

In the settlement of Mousoutas, which dates back to 1373, lies the famous Venetian fountain of Mousoutas. The monument was recorded by Gerola, when it was found in the region, dating from the 14th century, as the settlement itself. The fountain has a lion head on its surface and it is situated at the side of the central square of the village.