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Category: Church
Prefecture: Heraclion
Address: Παλιανή
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Paliani Monastery 2895 hits
Paliani Monastery is located near Venerato village, 20 kilometers from Heraklion city in Central Crete.

Is is a Female monastery, probably the oldest in the whole of Crete. It has been first recorded in 669, and was founded sometime during the first Byzantine period. 

Deserted many times, in 1821 the nuns were slaughtered by the Turks and the church was burned and looted. The holy instruments, as well as other ecclesiastical items, were stolen. The current church is dedicated to Koimisi of Theotokos, Agios Panteleimonas and Three Hierarchs.
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Venerato 2733 hits
Venerato is a village located in the southern prefecture of Heraklion, Crete, 20 kilometers at an altitude of 305m. The village is crossed by the national road of Heraklion city - Messara Plain. People living in Venerato is calm, kind and hospitable. Until now live about 1200 inhabitants engaged in agriculture.

The village has a long history and the name comes from the Venetians. Venerato means respected, venerable might have given the name of the monastery and Palianis As such, the nearby village. At 1833 describes an English writer, who was then a visitor in the surrounding villages, at that time was the only village in Crete that was purely Venetian name. And then lived 12 families and a Christian Muslims.Originally the site was Venerato Tower - Canyon, southeast of the village. During the Venetian period the villagers who lived in the Tower - Gorge, after creating the holiday village of Arabs, she worked as servants in their mansions. Just left the Venetians, the villagers lived in their mansions, built other houses and slowly - slowly up the current village.The village is one of the lower hills of Psiloritis. On the east side of the village has amphitheatric and below this line are rich olive groves and vineyards. Southeast through an ancient river called "Apollo." South of the river on a hill is an old monastery called the Lady of Palianis that celebrates on August 15. In the center of the monastery is a church pampalaios priceless antiques.Previously the village every Friday was fair. In ancient times was famous for its famous wines and even the time of Venetian and Ottoman rule was to export wines Venerato abroad, called Malebyzi wines.Venerato was home of Bishop Gerasimos Letitsi Crete, who managed the 1735 restoration to the small church of Agios Minas and to establish the cathedral of Crete. From Venerato was Neophytos Economou, general secretary of the Chancellery, the temporary state of Crete during the revolution of 1821. At the time of Ottoman rule for Christians to save their land from the Turks, to donate to the monasteries, particularly in the monastery of St. George Apanosifi.


Under the Ottoman Turks law respected property of the monasteries. In 1835 the property back retook the Verathianoi because the state bought from the monasteries. East of the village extends in depth a wide valley through which the river "Apollo" as mentioned above. Adjacent to the vineyards is an old monastery called the Holy Virgin. The monastery was built in 1750 asked the Pasha to the Cathedral Restoration, provided they do not make any change and use the same materials.The village that skirts several chapels and three large churches like the Church of Palianis built in 1894. North of the temple, is a handsome tomb pampalaios some monks. At north side of the village is a small church of St. Lucian with great archaeological value, each summer visited by many tourists.In the village center is a stately two-story house, which was bought by the community for the restoration and make a museum.Now Venerato community but not the seat of Paliani which includes four villages Venerato, Avgeniki, Shiva or Siva, Cherries, which are very close together.
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Aghia Theotokos 2687 hits
This is a small monastery on the side of the Apollo river located within the limits of the Venerato village, 20 kilometers from Heraklion city in Central Crete.

The date on which it was built is not known. However, what we do know is that by 1754 it had already turned into ruins which means that it must have been operating during the last few years of the Venetian period.The first mention of the monastery comes from the Ottoman archives from 1754. The villagers of Venerato and Galeni filed a report with the authorities, asking a permit to renovate the temples of Holy Mary in their villages.