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Νομός: Λασιθίου


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The Cretan Folklore Museum (Agios Georgios, Lassithi Plateau). In the village of Agios Georgios there is a folklore museum containing a large amount of exhibits, which are of cultural interest. The museum is divided into two sections.

The first section is an old house that was built at the beginning of the last century and is a model of the typical local architectural style. The exhibits are placed throughout the house in such a way as to reflect their use, so that the whole space has a functional atmosphere, rather than merely the usual display of exhibits. The parlor, the cellar, the oven, the stable and stalls demonstrates that the style of life which was carried out there two hundred years ago continues on unchanged and comfortably until today. In a separate space there is a collection of equipment and tools used by the craftsmen of the area. In separate places one can find tools of the carpenter, ironmonger, basket- weaver, potter, the coffee-shop proprietor, and the potter.

The second section of the house is a neo-classical Cretan house from the beginning of this century. Screens, hand-carved furniture, hanging lamps, clocks, exquisitely embroidered materials and photographic materials and other exhibits adorn various parts of the home. The upper floor of the house operates as a gallery with paintings and woodcarvings from Crete. In the rear of the house, there are exhibits of intricately woven materials, uniforms, and military memorabilia from the First World War, weapons and historical documents dating from 1912. The generous donations of embroidery and artworks from Mrs. Chisoula Xanthoudidis - Koundourou is acknowledged, together with those of Mrs. Crisoula Xeidianakis.

The Folklore Museum operates in the Istron area and offers a detailed exhibition of life in the past. It was built in 1999 by The Folklore Association.

This museum declares a great love of and attention to the local popular culture. It is an important source of information of folklore and the history of the inhabitants of the Mirambello Gulf.

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Kaminaki is a traditional village located at the southern end of Lassithi Plateau and it is 9km far from Tzermiado, the main village of the plateau and 46 from Heraklion. The village itself has a Square and cafenenion and is easily connected to all other villages on the Plateau.A very nice route begins at the village, crosses the wild mountainside of southwest Dikti Mountains at a great height and finishes at the village of  Katofigi. From here you continue on an even more impressive route towards the Plateau of Omalos and Kato Symi and come out on the coast road to Ierapetra.To start off on this route, go to Kaminaki village and turn left (south) on the asphalt road you will see in the centre of the village, 300 metres after the sign giving its name and is pasted at the eastern entrance to the village. The road climbs the slope and after 1,200 metres becomes a good dirt road. Several hotels and rooms to let are available for accommodation in the Lassithi Plateau area. You will find good food and drink in any tavern of the plateau, which is an area of breathtaking beauty. The place is so amazing, that the visitor may forget that the sea is so close (only 30 kilometers far away) and prefer to stay there to enjoy this excellent landscape.