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Category: Beach
Prefecture: Heraclion
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Places near Skouros

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Kastri 2696 hits

Kastri is located 72 kilometers south of Heraklion and is a small settlement just outside the village of Keratokambos. A destination for those seeking tranquility and relaxation.


Here there is a small harbor serving the whole area. Right next to the harbor there is a small sandy beach with many small trees that offer their shade to the swimmers as the beach isn't organized. In recent years, Kastri has been well developed and offers accommodation and taverns offering amenities to visitors who will choose it for their holidays.

Listis 2653 hits
Some quiet beaches like Listis beach, between Tsoutsouras and Keratokampos and the distance from Heraklion city is 69km, where the main tourist activity is to sit on the beach, watching for the day to pass, feeling the warm breath of the Libyan Sea. 

Listis beach is deserted and idyllic and offers parts of sand, parts of fine pebbles and rocky ends. The rocky sea bottom makes the place excellent for snorkelling.

This is not well known to tourists, but could certainly be voted as the most beautiful beach of Heraklion. The beach is stunning, with crystal and, usually, calm water, small pebbles and remote places to stay.

You can drive here from Heraklion, through Viannos. Get the road to Keratokampos and head west, in the crossroad 500m before entering the village. The beach is situated 1.5km west of Keratokampos. You can also walk from Keratokampos along the coastline around 1.5km westbound.

Note, that if you come by car and you leave it at the road, you should trek down a cliff to the beach, that is not the easiest way. So, you have to choose between cliff and walking 1.5km from Keratokampos.
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Keratokambos 2625 hits
This small, quaint fishing village is located on the southerly coast of Crete, approx. 70 km south of Heraklion, 12km from Arvi (eastern) and 12km from Tsoutsouros (western). Up until a few years ago, the village remained untouched by modern life but visitors slowly uncovered its secret charms and since then some recent development has taken place. 

The village itself is made up of two parts, Keratokambos and Kastri, and boasts a long stretch of sand and pebble beach. The road running through the village, runs parallel to the sea and hosts small tavernas and cafenia perfect for watching life go by and in which one can sit and unwind under the shade of the tamarisk trees.

On the right side of the beach is a little harbour where fishing boats are moored and a small selection of tavernas can be found. The village itself offers also a variety of shops.

Keratokambos is an ideal location for those who enjoy going on walks or those with an interest in wild plant life, as well as for those who simply want to relax in the laid back style of Cretan life.