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Ligias Lakos
Category: Beach
Prefecture: Lassithi
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Ligias Lakos

Places near Ligias Lakos

Ampelos - Hellenistic city in Xerokampos
Ampelos - Hellenistic city in Xerokampos 3042 hits

The Hellenistic ancient city of Xerokambos is located 1 km southeast of Xerokambos village and 29 km south of Palekastro, Lassithi prefecture. 

Recent surface excavations have proven that the area has been populated since the prehistoric times and is of great archeological interest. In the site of Katsounakia a large Minoan settlement was found but has not been excavated yet. In the hill of Trachelas a sanctuary was also found but had already been desecrated. Furthermore, in the area of Psili Ammos one can see the ancient stone quarry that was used to build the ancient city. There are also numerous salterns used for sea salt production. They consist of a series of canals and founts that are dug in the rocks of the seashore.

Today they are mostly covered by the sand of the beach. Across from the Kabali area one can find a series of islets with installations dating from the post-Minoan era (1500-1300 B.C.). Also in the Farmakokefalo area important excavations started in 1984 by the archeologist N. P. Papadakis. An important Hellenistic city was found which is speculated to be the ancient city Ampelos, spanning throughout the contiguous hill and surrounded by high city walls. Only part of the city-walls is still preserved.

Many houses, roads and other findings have come to light uncovering an important part of its history. The city was built sometime during the 5th century B.C. and flourished during the 3rd-2nd century B.C. There was trade with other Cretan cities and the Dodecanese; especially with Rhodes and Kalimnos islands. Characteristic findings include lead pellets used by the slingers of the army. The excavation findings are kept in the Archaeological Museum of Sitia. Finally, in the centre of the city the small church of Agios Nikolaos dating from 1895 can be found.

Xerokampos 2701 hits

Xerokambos village is an expanding coastal settlement in the far east of Crete, 42 km from Sitia and 28 km from Palekastro, in a place of considerable natural beauty. 


This wonderful unspoilt part of East Crete is open and spacious. It has long sandy beaches & many small sandy coves, all set in front of some wonderful olive groves. Here you can spend idle and restful days recovering from the stresses of everyday life. There are but a few places to stay, the same with tavernas. There are two roads to go to Xerokambos. The road from Zakros to Xerokambos is a dirt track road (9 km). From Sitia, drive the Makrigialos and Piskokefalo road. After 10 km, in Episkopi, turn left to Handras, Ziros, Hametoulo and Xerokambos (45 km from Sitia, on a new surfaced road). There is a small temporary lagoon (dry from the end of May). In March and April tavernas are not necessarily open. Xerokambos beach life at its most tranquil in a dramatic setting.

The ancients were certainly aware of the beauty of this spot and its important position on the shipping routes off the eastern shores of Crete, as the site has been inhabited since Minoan times (Read about the Hellenistic city of Xerokambos).

The water Museum and the old Watermills in Zakros Village are worth visiting within the village and the Kato Zakros beach.


South of Xerokambos is the renowned beach of Argilos, where the Pliocene marl make their appearance. This marl has two unique characteristics: they contain a high percentage of clay and they are very fragmented. Thus, they can easily be broken off by hand and used by bathers to apply natural clay to their body!

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Taverna Kostas 2697 hits

Michalis and his mother Chrisanti Theodorakis are welcoming and inviting you in Xerokambos to "Taverna Kostas". For over 20 years now, Chrisanthi cooks her Greek and Cretan specialties with passion, a unique enjoyment full of fresh vegetables. Meat and fresh fish are grilled for you on charcoal.

In our Tavern, you can of course enjoy your coffee, a cool beer, native wine or other refreshments. The beautiful Xerokampos beach is only 150 m far!

Ammoudi 2695 hits

Agia Irini beach is a small cove located in an comletely untouched region close to the Agia Irini settlement, 16 km from Ziros village, and 2 hours walking fom Xerokambos through a impressive and beautiful path along the coast. It is the exit of the unkown gorge of Agia Irini. 

The beach is pebbly and has crystal clean blue water. It is one of the most remote beaches in Crete, due to its distance from the city centres. It is surrounded by huge cliffs and cavernous rocks and the area is arid. You can reach the village via dirt tracks starting either from Kalo Horio or from Ziros - Hametoulo.


Lamnoni or Chametoulo
Lamnoni or Chametoulo 2660 hits
The Canyon of Hametoulou or Xerokambos
It is a very impressive canyon with tall, vertical rocks and lots of caves. One may enter the canyon either from the settlement of  Hametoulo or a higher spot in the position Lamnioni. There are lots of flora species.
The canyon is also ideal for the observation of avifauna, especially raptors. Its well-preserved and structured path was once used by the villagers for their transportation to the beach of  Xerokambos.
There are scattered yews Quercus coccifera, agkarathu Phlomis lanata, oregano, Origanum onites, throumbi Satureja thymbra, thyme Thymus capitatus, sage Salvia fruticosa, galastoivi Euphorbia acanthothamnos and lots of orchids which make up this particular habitat.

Xerokambos gorge is located to the south of the hamlet by the same name and starts in the Rousomoutsouna area, with a very impressive entrance. The gorge is visible from the country road that connects Ziros with Xerokambos. 

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Villa Petrino 2652 hits

A block of flats with 6 studios, air conditioning, 3 Gardens and 3 floors that lies on the same property as Taverna Kostas, into a beautiful garden, surrounded by olive trees close to Xerokampos beach.

The village of Zakros is only 10 km far and Kato Zakros 19 km.


Agia Irini Coastal caves
Agia Irini Coastal caves 2629 hits

On the beach of Agia Irene, in the southernmost point of the region, caves can be seen in the rocky coastal cliffs, which were created by surface water and coastal erosion (waves), back when they were at sea level. These caves are impressive landforms and stand witness to the fluctuation of sea level during the recent geological past.