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Psili Ammos
Category: Beach
Prefecture: Lassithi
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Psili Ammos

Psili ammos Beach: An exceptional beach with fine, golden sand and turquoise waters. Is is located very close to the south of famous Palm Beach Vai, east Crete, 7km north from Palekastro village and 90km far from Heraklion city. 

The hills create a natural division for privacy.Its name means Fine Sand and the sand extends up to the hill.

On Psili Ammos beach, once can see the characteristic dunes, which are, Aeolian coastal sand deposits, which create low sand dunes extending over the entirety of the beach’s coastal zone.

In order to reach this remote beach, you have to walk 10 min. starting from Vai palm beach to southeast. 

Places near Psili Ammos

Itanos 2695 hits
Itanos beaches are located 2 km north from Palm beach Vai, 8 from Palekastro and 26 from Sitia. The sandy beach of the ancient town of Itanos or Erimoupolis, Lassithi prefecture. 

If you’re looking to kick back and relax and do nothing more serious than soak up the sun or occasionally dip your toe into crystal clear waters, then the beaches at Erimoupolis or Itanos in Lassithi Prefecture could be the place for you. Reached by walking a short distance from the small car park at the ancient site of Itanos it’s some distance to any facilities so it is essential to bring plentiful supplies of water. The beaches are quiet on weekdays but are popular at weekends so can become busy. The clear water and sandy beach are perfect for a lazy day with some palm trees offering much needed shade in the heat of the day.

Area description:

There is another longer sandy beach that you can get to - on foot - over the low hill to your left, where the main road stops.

In fact, there are 3 beaches here: the first is the one at the end of the road, the second is reached walking to the north (the beach on the 1st photo) and the third is also reached walking south behind the small fortress. The third one is also suitable to spend time under the shade of the palm-trees.

However the best selection for swimming is the northern, sandy beach. The bottom of the sea is rich. There is a whole ancient city down there giving home to a variety of fish. It is a paradise for the lovers of diving.

These are amazing beaches in Crete, secluded with perfect water. During the week it is sparsely populated but come the weekends it becomes crowded especially during July and August.There are no amenities at the beach and the closest restaurant is a 10minute drive (Palm Beach Vai), so take your own water etc. Parking can be found near the ancient site of Itanos.

What to do..

The site of Ancient Itanos is well worth a visit, particularly as it was once the most important settlement on Crete. Visitors to the site today can see ruins including a black stone tower, and Early Christian churches. Keen snorkelers will be pleased to hear that some of the site is under water, making the views through the crystal clear water even more rewarding. The town of Sitia nearby is off the well-worn tourist track in Crete so has retained much of its charm and relaxed atmosphere. With a busy harbour, a good variety of shops, a pretty seafront and a large sandy beach of its own, it’s a good base for exploring unspoilt Crete at its best.


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Vai 2667 hits

Palm beach Vai

Vai beaches are located 25 km from Sitia and 6 km far from Palekastro Village. The combination of a magnificent beach with a rare grove of palm trees makes Palm Beach Vai one of the absolute musts of Crete.

According to a legend, Arab pirates who came to Crete threw out the pips of the dates they were eating while they were here and that from these came this grove of 5000 palms. It is prohibited to camp overnight within the grove, which covers an area of 60 acres and is protected by fencing under the care of the Forestry Service. It is organised and has been awarded with the EU Blue Flag.

It is an exotic, tropical beach with fine sand and pebbles and crystal-clear blue sea. 155 km far from Heraklion Airport.