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Helidonia or Drimiskos
Category: Gorge
Prefecture: Rethymno
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Helidonia or Drimiskos

The gorge of Drimiskos got its name from the homonymous village, located 15km northeast of the beach of Preveli, in south Rethimno Prefecture and 35 km south from Rethymno Town.


Essentially the gorge starts from the village and goes initially southwestern for 3,5km, continues then south to meet the Libyan Sea at Drimiskianos beach, a few hundred meters east of the famous beach of Preveli.

It is extremely difficult whoever tries to cross over because there are not any sings and crossing requires good physical condition and the total length of Drimiskos gorge exceeds 5km.

We recommend that you start walking the gorge about the middle to Drimiskianos beach, where the degree of difficulty is low. The surrounding mountains and generally the region have little vegetation, but in the canyon the hiker enjoys the green and rugged landscape.

Places near Helidonia or Drimiskos

Preveli 2761 hits

Thirty two kilometers out of Rethimnon is located the beach Preveli. An extraordinary beautifull sand beach that a palm trees forrest is surround it and at the end of the beach a lagoon is forming something that makes the area magical.


You can discover enought naturalist treasurs also and encredibles watterfalls that exists in the area and swiming either in the saltiness or at sweetness watters of the lagoon.

Preveli Palm Forest
Preveli Palm Forest 2739 hits

An exotic landscape of a few kilometers is the Preveli palmgrove, which is full of palm trees in both sides of the river.


After a big fire at 2010 a big amount of the forest was destroyed. After a few months though the forest was reborn through its ashes.

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Preveli Gorge 2677 hits
The Preveli gorge is the lowest part of the in Plakiasarea, at the southern coast, Rethimno prefecture. It is a truely splendid gorge, offering fantastic views which ends at Preveli beach. Walking, you will pass an olive oil mill, a Venetian bridge and some abandoned huts.

The end of the Preveli gorge is an unforgettable experience. The river that runs down the gorge, ends in the sea. Just follow the river to the beautiful Libyan sea.

The beach is incredibly beautiful. There are a few taverns to buy some refreshments. It is nice to walk up stream, but then from above. You climb uphill and walk as a matter of fact alongside the edge