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Trahinos Gorge
Category: Gorge
Prefecture: Chania
Address: Palia Roumata
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Trahinos Gorge

Places near Trahinos Gorge

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Vavouledo 3076 hits
In the neighboring of Voukolies (15km south from the village and 27km southeast from Chania city), the Gorge Vavouledo is a unique experience for walkers.

The descent from the Vavouledo village as the starting settlement, through the courtyard of the temple of Agios Vasilios and the Holy Cross, an area with chestnuts and huge trees, are fabulous. It is hidden area in one of the most beautiful chestnut woods of Crete at a hillside overlooking Apopigadi mountain (1335m) to the south.

It is a beautiful little canyon 6 km with clear water running almost all year round, It starts in the neighborhood of Hamalevri settlement -1300m west from Vavouledo village- from the Secret School-Church of St. George. After halfway through teaming with another path, about 4 km long, which starts from Agios Vasilios church Vavouledo, it continues a common path leading to the entrance of the village of Palea Roumata.

The canyon is covered by shady trees across the path. In summer, at the end of the route in Palea Roumata, traditional tavernas and cafes await guests with authentic local cuisine.

The tradition says that the secret school that operated by the Turks in Agios Georgios (close to Hamalevri settlement) was so famous that students came from Platanias by Chania and Sklavopoula by Elafonisi. According to tradition its existence was revealed to the Turks with treason. Then they surrounded the temple and then slaughtered 70 children and the monk who taught them.
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Palea Roumata 2906 hits

It is a historical village, situated among the mountains. Its inhabitants are involved in agriculture and animal husbandry. The village is an oasis of tranquility for visitors. Marco Renieris,  a great scholar, the mentor of Eleftherios Venizelos (the greatest politician in Greece) and an informally former finance minister of Greece, was born here.  His house with the coat of arms are kept even today.The historic well of the Renieri family which is 40 meters deep and was build in 1869.


Palea Roumata is 41 km from Paleochora, turning off the main Chania road in Kakopetros, or coming from Chania, take a left turn through Fotokado after the climb out of Voukolies. The word “Roumata”, is the old Greek for rivers (’rheuma-atos’ meaning ’stream’ or ‘flow’) and the village has a good supply of water from two valleys, making everywhere so green and fertile.

The winters are generally mild, the village is sheltered by surrounding hills, except memorably in February 2008, when the temperature dropped to -7c, and strong winds combined with heavy snowfall destroyed many olive trees, as in so many other places locally.The Vavouledo gorge is “a hidden gem”, and the last years on it remains so. The recent path construction has been by the ‘dimos’ (Municipality) or borough of Voukolies, but the village people have seen no publicity about it. The gorge deserves to be better known. Go there and enjoy it – you won’t be disappointed!In Palea Roumata the visitor is struck dumb with amazement in the sight of the oldest olive tree, which goes back to 4000 years of life.

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