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Μεταμόρφωση Σωτήρος στο Νίσπητα
Κατηγορία: Μοναστήρι
Νομός: Λασιθίου


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Μεταμόρφωση Σωτήρος στο Νίσπητα

The Church of the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ the Saviour is located in Nispitas, on the slopes of the valley of Mirabello, on the southwest of the town of Neapolis, Lassithi prefecture. 

This was the site of a monastery of the years of the Venetian domination belonging to the region of Neapolis. The settlement under the same name was probably developed after the founding of the monastery. Today the monastery is not inhabited.

The church, which celebrates on August 6, is a single-nave barrel-vaulted one, and it is supported by buttresses. Its northern entrance faces the courtyard of the complex with an elaborate stone-carved doorframe, of the late Venetian period. Adorned with corbels (stone supports with relief decoration) perpendicular to the pilasters that support the plain lintel, which in turn is crowned with a pointed trifoliate relieving arch of double curvature.

Of equivalent artistic merit is at the sanctuary niche the finely stone-carved ‘agiothyrido’ (agiothyrido stands for ‘gate of the saints’, and it is the name given to the east-facing sanctuary window of Greek Orthodox churches). Furthermore, the church has been catalogued by Gerola as having frescoes (Gerola - Lassithiotakis, 83, number 563), but the frescoes no longer exist today.

The area of Nispitas was referred to as a place housing monks as early as 1553 in documents of the notary of Neapoli (Patsidiotis, 169-170, documents 180-181). The monastery and its monks were mentioned in archival sources of the 17th century, in the years 1607 (Detorakis 1982, 70) and 1635 (Chronaki 1997, 249).

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