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Heraklio University Hospital - PAGNI
Category: Hospital
Prefecture: Heraclion
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Heraklio University Hospital - PAGNI


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Gournes 2681 hits
The village of Gournes Pediados is situated about 17 kilometres East of Heraklion, between the villages Kokini Hani and Kato Gouves. It is a quiet village, that exists of three parts: the old village of Gournes, the main road of Gournes and the beach road of Gournes. The distance to Kato Gouves and Kokini Hani are both approximately 3 kilometres from Gournes. The old village of Gournes is still a traditional Greek village with lovely narrow roads. At the end of the old village you will find sandy paths, which will take you up to the olive and grape fields. The beach road of Gournes, Crete (Greece): A nice beach road, were you will find various taverns, restaurants and supermarkets with a beautiful view of the island Dia. During the weekend it can be busy on this beach road, as lots of Greeks spend their free time on the beaches of Gournes. The taverns and restaurants can be full of locals, which is a good sign, because the best Greek food you will find is where the local people eat! In Gournes you can enjoy the beautiful beaches of the North coast of Crete. From the beaches of Gournes you are able to walk to Kokini Hani. If you walk to the direction of Kokini Hani, you will find a beach where lots of water sports are available. Beaches in Gournes, Crete: there are several beautiful beaches in Gournes, Crete. You can rent a sun bed on the beach and enjoy the blue sea with a fantastic view of Dia Island. In addition to experiencing the culture and nature of Gournes, it is also possible to enjoy a relaxing beach holiday in Gournes! Once you have had enough of sunbathing, you can enjoy a lovely meal or drink in one of the taverns on the beach road.
Computer Science Department
Computer Science Department 2673 hits
Who would deny that Information and Communication Technologies have been anything short of revolutionary? Their rate of advance cannot be matched by other technologies. Their infiltration into human society has been phenomenal. People are still struggling to cope with the new technical artifacts. New concepts and products are incessantly identified and scientists are always challenging our expectations and presuppositions.
The Department of Computer Science at the University of Crete attempts to address all the significant issues that bewilder and fascinate scientists and practitioners alike. Our faculty is devoted to tenacious study and thorough research. Our students are the recipients of a high-level educational experience. Our graduates are provided with all the necessary skills in order to efficiently cope with the challenges of their discipline. 

Welcome to the University of Crete and to the Department of Computer Science! Seize the opportunity to fathom the intricacies of Information Technology. Discover all the possible paths that lead to a more advanced technological future and make your own meaningful contribution to it.
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