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Supermarket Corfu
Κατηγορία: Κατάστημα
Νομός: Κέρκυρας
Διεύθυνση: Corfu

Βαθμολογήστε: Supermarket Corfu
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Supermarket Corfu

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Κασιόπη 2797 hits
Kassiopi is a lively resort at the North East corner of Corfu. A charming little fishing village, with a traditional port. Tourism has of course had its influence, but you can still find local fishermen bringing home the morning catch down at the harbour. The town and surrounding area offers something for everyone. The Harbour and the busy town center is offset by the quiet and tranquility of a short walk around the headland. From the left of the harbour towards the top end of the town, takes you to the main coastal road. Kassiopi is a main port for trips all over the island of Corfu by both boat and coach. The accommodation is mainly apartment type, with larger villa accommodation on the outskirts and the area surrounding. The resort is lively day and night. Sit in one of the bars on the harbour front and watch the world go by! Being a lively resort, it is for those who are looking for a bit of life. Teenagers, families, young couples and groups of friends who want life but also the beauty of the North East of the island. Kassiopi has a little of everything The main beach is pebbles. The smaller beaches on the headland are rocky and also pebble. There are plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas for hire on all of the beaches in Kassiopi. On the main beach at the top of Kassiopi near the main road there are showers, toilets and changing areas. The beaches around the headland do not have these facilities although there is a taverna near the headland which has a toilet and if you buy a drink you may use it. The main beach is child friendly it is flat and away from the main road, the water however does become quite choppy on this beach due to the northerly wind that blows up in the afternoon, be careful when using lilos! All the beaches in Kassiopi are easily accessible, but the parking areas will require a short walk. Kassiopi beach has a blue flag award therefore is clean. The beach and the rocks on the headland are also very clean just be aware in shallow water where there are rocks you may find some sea urchins - well your feet will!! Kassiopi was once a typical Greek fishing port and although it still has many fishing boats it also thrives on tourism. For those families with disco loving teenage children, the old harbour will be a godsend. This part of the typical Greek daytime resort turns into a trendy music center after dark. As you walk around the harbour glance up to your left and on the hillside you will see the remains of Kassiopi Castle. The remains overlook the harbour and continue around the headland. The castle has Roman foundations but the visible remains above the ground are Byzantine. Unfortunately the castle was all but dismantled in the 14th century by the Venetians. You can walk among the ruins and the top ramparts offer an excellent view of the Albanian coastline. Recent efforts are being made for its restoration. You can visit the remains by following the road that goes up behind the bar Illusions. This is on the right of the road as you walk down to the harbour. There are Tavernas in abundance in Kassiopi one for every night of your holiday and a few more. There is a wide choice of cuisine here from Mexican, Chinese, Italian to the more traditional Greek. Kassiopi is a lively resort therefore it has many bars that come alive during the evening, many of these bars play music videos on widescreen and also films. To watch the hustle and bustle of the harbour sit and have a cocktail (or two!!) in De'Ja vu bar right on the harbour front. Also at night the 'plattia' or village square is the place for the teenagers to 'hang out'.