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Agios Kiprianos
Category: Church
Prefecture: Chania
Address: Κολυμβάρι, Ελλάδα
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Agios Kiprianos

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Kolibari 2863 hits
24 kilometers far from Chania city at the West, just off the Old National Road to Kastelli - Kissamos, it is found the beach of Kolymbari, a sandy and pebbly beach by the foot of Rodopou peninsula. Close to Kolimbari is the Gonias Monastery (1km). 

The beach is well organised, it offers accommodation facilities, food and drink and facilities for swimming and sunbathing (sun beds, umbrellas, sea sports etc). After Kolimbari beach you reach Rapaniana beach to east.
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Kolymbari 2771 hits
Kolymbari, a large village at the foot of the Rodopou peninsula is still relatively unaffected by tourism. Getting there: 23 km west of Chania with frequent bus connections. Atmosphere: A quiet village nestling between the sea and the cliffs. Accommodation: There are a few small hotels in the village as well as a number of new accommodation close to the beach. Restaurants: Several good restaurants. Shopping: A few shops Nightlife: Not a lot! Cultural: Visit the important monastery of Gonia. Beach: A long pebble beach which is being artificially improved by some shipped in sand.