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Agios Nikolaos
Category: Church
Prefecture: Heraclion
Address: Αρκαλοχώρι, Ελλάδα
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Agios Nikolaos

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Venetian Fountain of Panagia 2531 hits

A remarkable Venetian fountain is located at the fairly big settlement of Panagia, dating at least from the early Venetian times. The fountain is located at the center of the village and limestone has been used for its building. There are also some Venetian facilities and warehouses in the settlement. So the settlement of Panagia was proved to be a focal point for the Venetians that ruled the area, probably due to the significant cereal production in the wider region.

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Fabrica (Factory) in Panagia 2523 hits

It does not come as a surprise that in a very old settlement, dating from the first Venetian period and well known for its rich oil production, there is quite some infrastructure for producing olive oil. The existence and operation of an oil press at the village of Panagia has been widely known, however it is interesting that a traditional oil press has been converted into a visiting area. It is an old factory that keeps its machinery, a so-called fabrica, which reminds us of the cultural heritage of the village. The Fabrica has been purchased by the Cultural Association of Panagia, who have been responsible for its restoration. Nowadays you can visit it with a free entrance.

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Peratostrata 2503 hits

Peratostrata is a route that has been for centuries in the region, one of the oldest routes of Crete, which started in prehistoric times from the palace of Knossos and ended to the famous sanctuary of Symi. On the way lies the village of Panagia, where Venetian facilities and warehouses are preserved, as well as a remarkable Venetian fountain of limestone in the center of the settlement.