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Agios Ioannis
Category: Church
Prefecture: Rethymno
Address: Άγιος Βασίλειος 740 53, Ελλάδα
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Agios Ioannis

Places near Agios Ioannis

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Helidonia or Drimiskos 2656 hits
The gorge of Drimiskos got its name from the homonymous village, located 15km northeast of the beach of Preveli, in south Rethimno Prefecture and 35 km south from Rethymno Town.


Essentially the gorge starts from the village and goes initially southwestern for 3,5km, continues then south to meet the Libyan Sea at Drimiskianos beach, a few hundred meters east of the famous beach of Preveli.

It is extremely difficult whoever tries to cross over because there are not any sings and crossing requires good physical condition and the total length of Drimiskos gorge exceeds 5km.

We recommend that you start walking the gorge about the middle to Drimiskianos beach, where the degree of difficulty is low. The surrounding mountains and generally the region have little vegetation, but in the canyon the hiker enjoys the green and rugged landscape.
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Drimiskos 2605 hits

Drimiskos: This small village is reached by turning off at Kissou Kambos at the sign post for Kerames towards the coast (to Agia Galini).

There are many interesting and charming villages along this road, but Drimiskos is the first one the seaward side of the mountain and is only 2 kms from Kerames and 4 kms from the beach at Agia Fotini.

The village has a lovely village square with kafenion and a tavern and has a large number of permanent residents given its size. It is a really pretty and tidy village and most people take pride in their gardens and properties. Small villages like this always seem to be particularly friendly and welcoming. Amazingly there are several villas for rent which seem to be popular.

Shopping facilities and more taverns can be found in the village of Spili 12 km away. Around the village there are some ruined Byzantine churches with wall paintings, but in very poor condition. 6 km further, past the village of Kerames, the road ends at the beautiful beach of Agia Fotini. In the village of Kerames is a small museum with coins, weapons of Cretan revolution and works of local art.

From the village and from the beach there are footpaths leading to the Kourtaliotiko Gorge and the palm beach of Preveli.



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Kerames 2597 hits

This village in the municipality of Lambi counts 254 inhabitants. It lies at altitude of 300 m and is situated 43 km away from Rethymnon. This old settlement is recorded in the Venetian censi of the 16th and 17th centuries, as well as in the Turkish and Egyptian censi. The village probably owes its name to the word Potter in Greek.

A resident of the village, Konstantinos Spyridakis, founded an interesting folklore museum with a rich collection of coins, arms belonging to Cretan fighters and other works of art. In the little traditional village there are two souvlaki outlets, with a mini market 2 km far away in Ammoudi.The unspoilt and secluded environment combined with the excellent local cuisine inspires every visitor.It is far from the famous tourist resorts, while Spili with the great variety of shops, tavernas, and amenities can be found in 20km distance. Exploring the general region one can come across with beaches and hidden coves that preserve their natural character without human interruption. The beautiful beaches of Triopetra and Palm Beach are close.

The fishing port of Agia Galini, the charming gorge of Agios Antonios and the ancient monastery of Preveli are worth visiting. In a short driving distance the Amari valley lieswith Plane trees, cool springs and narrow whitewashed lanes and kafenions. The area is rich in wildlife, flora and fauna.

Just 3 kilometres below this traditional hillside village, Agia Fotini is very much part of it. The villagers frequently visit for a meal or just a walk, and guests will be welcome in any of the three kafenions where they can enjoy a cold beer or a perfectly made Greek coffee - and perhaps a game of backgammon with the locals. As well as two kafenions, the village square, which you will find if you wander through the old, narrow streets of white washed houses, also has a spring and a shop for basic supplies.